Daizy is an aqua-green dog-like creature, who lives next door to Wubbzy, her newest friend. She debuted in the season 2 premiere in 2004, Who's That Girl?.

She loves ballet dancing, growing flowers in her garden, and playing tea party with her dolls. When something odd or exciting happens, she usually exclaims "Lavender Lollipops!" She sometimes walks on her tiptoes like a ballerina. Daizy is said to be Wubbzy's opposite, being smart, patient, graceful, and girly.


Daizy is the new girl on the block! She lives in a flower-shaped house, which she grew herself from a seed. Daizy's most favorite thing in the world are flowers! She grows them with a passion and uses them for multiple occasions.

Daizy also happens to love everything that most little girls adore, such as hearts, rainbows, princesses, jewels, unicorns, dolphins, and the color pink.


Daizy is an aqua-green color and is usually always dressed in a pink ballerina dress, or anything pink. Her hair is purple, worn in a way to resemble pigtails/dog ears, held with a single pink bow and a pink flower on each end. She has black eyes and eyelashes.


Daizy has appeared in every season two episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. She did not appear in any season oneepisode, considering the fact she moved and made her first appearance in the first episode of season two Who's That Girl?. Her last appearance was in Woozy Walden, the series finale.


  • Some fans believe that Daizy was made in hopes of appealing to little girls more, others claim that this was done to add another female main character to the series. The creation of Daizy was also rumored to have been pushed by executives to make the series have more appeal to girls.
  • Daizy was originally called Daisy in 2003, as mentioned on the Wubblog.


  • Wubbzy - Throughout the second season, Daizy has shown she has feelings for Wubbzy. She had even told Wubbzy she likes him in Cupid's Little Helper and kissed him. She has also been seen kissing Wubbzy twice in the series including The Super Special Gift.
  • Walden - Daizy is just a good friend to Walden. They show absolutlely nothing in common with each other.
  • Widget - Daizy and Widget have nothing in common whatsoever. They are only shown to be really good friends.