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This is a list of notable events, premieres, releases, series cancellations, endings and other business ventures for Nickelodeon in the year 1998.


Series premieres

Original shows
Acquired shows (premieres)
Acquired shows (reruns)
  • January 23 - You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown
  • February 2
    • The Arsenio Hall Show
    • Julia
    • Sanford and Son
  • June 22 - The Little Twins
  • July 6 - Laverne and Shirley
  • October 12 - All in the Family (started airing regularly on January 3, 2000)
  • December 13 - Renford Rejects (A Nickelodeon UK original, though it aired for only one day)

Season premieres

Series finales

Network departures

  • February 2 - I Spy (last original airing was September 9, 1988)

Programming blocks



  • April 5 - The Rugrats from Nickelodeon comic strip debuts in around 70 papers nationwide.

Video games


  • Bark, Spike, Bark!
  • Jungle Trek
  • The Rugrats and The Zombies
  • Space Invaders!
  • Tommy Catches a Cold
  • Where the Sharks Are
  • June 1 - Are We Having Fun Yet?: Activities Inspired by Nickelodeon Magazine
  • September 1 - The Turkey Who Came to Dinner
  • October 1
    • All That: Fresh out the Box
    • Good Burger 2 Go
    • Kenan and Kel: Aw, Here It Goes!
    • The Rugrats Movie: The Rugrats Versus the Monkeys
    • The Rugrats Movie: Tommy's New Playmate
    • The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book
  • November 1 - Family and Food and Orange Soda


Live tours

VHS releases

  • January 13
    • Hey Arnold!: Love Stinks
    • Rocko's Modern Life: Modern Love
  • February 3
    • Rugrats: Diapered Duo
    • Rugrats: Dr. Tommy Pickles
  • February 24 - Good Burger
  • April 7
    • Gullah Gullah Island: Feelings
    • Allegra's Window: Sing Along With Allegra And Lindi
    • Little Bear: Parties And Picnics
    • Rugrats: Mommy Mania
  • June 30
    • Blue's Clues: Arts & Crafts
    • Blue's Clues: Story Time
  • July 7
    • Hey Arnold!: Partners
    • Rugrats: Angelica Knows Best
  • September 8
    • Gullah Gullah Island: Christmas
    • Little Bear: Good Night, Little Bear

Behind the scenes


  • Nick Latino goes online.
  • March - Nicktoon Studios opens in Burbank, California.
  • June 1 - Citing competition and advertising problems, Nick shuts down its German service. (Rugrats would later resurface on Pro Sieben (and SAT1 in January 2000), while most other Nicktoons find a home on RTL in Germany, and SF2 in Switzerland.
  • June 6 - The cable industry holds its second annual Tune In The Kids And Family week; on June 8th, 29 channels (including Nick), presents a multi-channel simulcast of Take a Moment, a variety special hosted by Melissa Joan Hart that stresses the reasons for the family to watch TV together.
  • Summer - (Colossal) Pictures introduces a new theme of bumpers for Nickelodeon. Some include yarn-animated identification bumpers.
  • August 10 - Nickelodeon becomes officially available in Brazil, though a Portuguese soundtrack was included on the Latin American version since it was launched in 1996.
  • Fall - The Aquarius Theater in Hollywood (CA), is remodelled and renamed as "Nickelodeon on Sunset". This venue is the home of live-action Nick series taped in Hollywood, such as All That, The Amanda Show and Taina, as well as some concert specials produced for Nick.
  • November 5 - Nickelodeon goes on the air in the Philippines.
  • November 15 - Nickelodeon goes on the air in Japan, Malta, Russia (including the former Soviet republics) and Gabor Csupo's homeland, Hungary.


Nickelodeon character debuts

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