2-gether 4-ever

2 Gether 4 Ever is an All That sketch about a high school couple that likes each other, and give tips on how to be "the perfect couple". Heather Darling (Lisa Foiles) is the head cheerleader and Brad Dashman (Jack DeSena) is a jock and her boyfriend. Heather and Brad would often make weird kissing noises in between the discussion. At the end of the sketch, they would argue. Heather would then yell "INCOMING", and beat up Brad. Shane Lyons occasionally appeared as Cupid. In Season 10, when Shane departed, the role was taken over by Denzel Whitaker (this replacement was mentioned by Denzel as Cupid when he told off Brad and Heather: "I've been sick of listening to your fights, arguments and your stupid kissing noises! I don't like it, and I didn't like it two years ago when I was a tall, white guy!"). In the same episode, Cupid called Brad and Heather jerks and morons, and Brad and Heather yelled "INCOMING", and beat up Cupid.

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