"A Fair to Remember" is the second segment of the twenty-second episode of The Loud House.


Bobby drops by the Loud House one day to take Lori on a date, but when he tells her that he's taking her to a monster truck rally, she decides to pass on it, suggesting that Lincoln go in her place. Initially, neither Lincoln or Bobby are keen on that idea, but after the show, they come home as best friends. Lori is initially pleased about her boyfriend getting along so well with her little brother, but when Bobby starts inviting Lincoln along on all their dates, she finds herself feeling like a third wheel. It reaches a boiling point when Bobby and Lincoln go to the arcade without her one day, but when Lori goes to confront them about it, she is pacified when Bobby tells her that he genuinely enjoys hanging out with Lincoln, whom he thinks of as like the brother he never had.

Lucy suggests to Lori that she make Bobby jealous so that he'll want to be with her again. Clyde then comes by for a visit, and, with Lucy's help, Lori gets him to accept an offer to hang out with her at the county fair, which he does, right before fainting from lovesickness. Lori brings the unconscious Clyde with her to the fair, but Lincoln, figuring out what she's up to, keeps inviting Bobby to go on the rides with him. After Clyde falls into the river on the tunnel of love and is taken to the medical tent, Lori starts crying that she's lost Bobby altogether. Lincoln, feeling bad for his oldest sister, tells Bobby that she needs him more than he does and sends him to go ride the tunnel of love with her. Afterward, Lori thanks Lincoln for his for his kind gesture. Later that evening, Clyde, having regained consciousness, is given a memento of his "date" with Lori - the pictures they had taken at the photo booth.


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  • The Loud House: Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder

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