"A Scooter For Yaksmas" is the 51st episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show. It is also the series' second Christmas-themed episode, and the last episode to premiere on Nickelodeon.


Stimpy with his scooter

Stimpy is delighted to find that Ren did buy him the Jet Scooter.

Stimpy wants a Johnny Future Jet Scooter for Yaksmas and continually drops hints to Ren about it. Later, he prepares the house for the arrival of Stinky Wizzleteats (who in this episode is the Yaksmas equivalent of Santa Claus) and the Shaven Yak. On Yaksmas morning, after feasting on the sausages and pre-chewed gum Stinky left for them, Ren and Stimpy exchange gifts. To Stimpy's dismay, though, Ren instead seemingly gives him a box of corn dog sticks (something he already has a lot of).

Stimpy goes out and throws a fit in front of the toy store where the scooter is on display, breaking the window in the process and causing the scooter to fall into his hands. An old lady sees his outrage, mistakenly believes he is stealing the scooter, and gives chase after him, accompanied by a police officer. Stimpy goes into hiding with the scooter and initially decides to go back and ask Ren for help, but Ren has gotten caught up in the publicity over the theft. Stimpy instead decides to tell Stinky Wizzleteats about his dilemma, believing that he's the only one who can help.

When Stimpy gets to the West Pole (a motel) with the toy store's scooter (which has taken quite a beating by this time), he finds Stinky and the Shaven Yak having passed out, along with a present addressed to him from Ren. He opens it and, to his joy, finds that Ren actually did buy the scooter for him after all, and Stinky merely forgot to deliver it. Stimpy heads back home with his scooter, leaving the toy store's scooter with Stinky, under the assumption that it'll be fixed and returned to the toy store (in actuality, though, Stinky and the Yak now end up being pursued by the police for the scooter theft).


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