The following is a list of episodes from the second season of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, listed in production order.


# Image Title Original air date
14 No Image "Spontaneously Combustible" September 9, 1995
Ickis is diagnosed as spontaneously combustible and the whole academy is afraid of him blowing them up, even though that is not the case.
No Image "Curse of Katana" September 9, 1995
Krumm's eyes become attached to an ancient mummy during a routine scare, and now they must be retrieved.
15 No Image "Monsters Are Real" September 16, 1995
Ickis makes front page news when a photographer snaps his picture and now he must retrieve every copy before the Gromble finds out.
No Image "This is Your Brain on Ickis" September 16, 1995
Simon the monster hunter has Ickis on the brain, literally, when the monster gets trapped in Simon's head.
16 No Image "Into the Woods" September 23, 1995
Ickis has to rely on his human friend Bradley in order to complete an important group scare assignment or be expelled.
No Image "Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox" September 23, 1995
Over exposure to air freshener gives Krumm a case of hiccups that will not go away until he is given a big scare.
17 No Image "Mayberry UFO" September 30, 1995
The monsters become stranded in a rustic town with an angry mob that thinks they are aliens.
No Image "I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair" September 30, 1995
Ickis and Krumm risk the Snorch's wrath when they steal his prized golden nose hair right from under his nose, literally.
18 No Image "Garbage Ahoy" October 7, 1995
While frolicking in the dump, the monsters become stranded on a floating garbage barge with no way back.
No Image "Goin' (Way) South" October 7, 1995
The monsters must journey to the South Pole to scare a hard-to-scare explorer.
19 No Image "Monster Who Came in from the Cold" October 14, 1995
Oblina goes native when an excursion into the human world, thanks to an experimental human suit, leads the young monster to think she's actually human.
No Image "Puppy Ciao" October 14, 1995
A stray dog, whom he affectionately names Fungus, follows Ickis back to the dump and they quickly bond.
20 No Image "The Rival" October 21, 1995
Oblina becomes a green-eyed monster when a new student named Smelldra arrives and her achievements seemingly outshine her own.
No Image "Hats Off" October 21, 1995
Ickis takes a magician's hat and finds himself in a wonderland of sorts when he falls in and is crowned Bunny King.
21 No Image "O'Lucky Monster" October 28, 1995
Oblina is convinced she's cursed when she steps on a slug, which is bad luck in the monster world, and it's up to a lucky fish head to convince her otherwise.
No Image "Eau de Krumm" October 28, 1995
A new perfume hits the stores and it causes quite a stink to the monsters who find the smell unbearable.
22 No Image "Rosh O' Monster" November 4, 1995
The viewfinder is down and now the monsters must tell the Gromble what took place during their last scare, but every one has a different version of the events.
No Image "The Tree of Ickis" November 4, 1995
Ickis eats an acorn and slowly turns into a tree which is bad enough before loggers start coming around.
23 No Image "History of the Monster World" November 11, 1995
The Gromble relates to his students the highlights of monster history and how it related to human history.
No Image "Fear Thy Name is Ickis" November 11, 1995
Ickis becomes popular after his newest scare lands him the praise he always wanted.
24 No Image "Quest for the Holy Pail" November 18, 1995
Ickis must take a perilous journey to retrieve the fabled Holy Pail just as monsters before him have.
No Image "Garbage In, Garbage Out" November 18, 1995
A new human policy threatens the monsters' food supply when humans stop throwing out their garbage.
25 No Image "A Room with No Viewfinder" November 25, 1995
Ickis accidentally frees the viewfinder and now must find it before the Gromble finds out.
No Image "Krumm Rises to the Top" November 25, 1995
Krumm swallows a helium tank and now risks floating away unless Ickis can save him.
26 No Image "The Five Faces of Ickis" December 2, 1995
Ickis is faced with an impossible assignment -- completing five scares in one day! But can he do it alone?
No Image "Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now" December 2, 1995
The Gromble and his students must venture into the wilderness to retrieve Bigfoot, a monster who allows himself to be seen by humans, before Simon the monster hunter.
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