Abby Hagyard (pronounced HA-dyard) (born in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian television actress, voice artist, and comedienne. She is best known for her portrayal of Valerie, the mother on You Can't Do That On Television.


Hagyard's interest in acting began when she was 19 years old and enrolled in a modeling class with her mother. She modeled for two years and then had a secretarial position in the New York offices of Playboy. In 1972 she returned to Edmonton and studied drama at St. Patrick's College (now Carleton University) for 3 years. She began her work in entertainment as a production assistant and actress in the 70's, while also working as sketch comedienne and gofer for live comedy revues. In the early 1980, she toured the eastern seaboard performing in small venues, and then began hosting the CBC television show Scene From Here, while continuing to perform sketch comedy.


Referred to by the Ottawa Citizen as "one of our town's best and busiest actresses", Hagyard stepped into the role of the mother on You Can't Do That on Television in 1982. Ruth Buzzi had co-starred in the 1979 primetime version of the show entitled Whatever Turns You On, but left when it was cancelled at the end of the '79 season. Production on the show had resumed in 1981. When Hagyard joined Canadian TV Comic Les Lye on the series in '82, she became one of only two adult cast members among the hundreds of children who participated over the series' run, although adult roles were occasionally played also by some of the older children in the cast, particularly hostess Christine McGlade. She remained a regularly featured member until the series came to an end in 1990. Hagyard's other regularly occurring role on YCDTOTV was as a librarian who spoke with a British accent.

Between taping sessions Abby provided character voices for the animated cartoon series For Better Or For Worse, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Dennis the Menace and The Care Bears. She also co-hosted a popular morning drive radio show, and produced several award-winning stage plays.

Today Abby Hagyard works as a business consultant.

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