Action League Now! is a stop-motion animated series about a team of superheroes who use their specific powers to fight evil. It was featured on All That and KaBlam! as a series of shorts. In 2001, Action League Now! was spun off into a short-lived series of its own.


  • The Flesh - "He's super strong and super naked!" The dumbest and strongest of the League. His stupidness sometimes costs the League their mission.
  • Thundergirl - "She flies, like thunder!" The only female member of the team who also has the ability to fly. She usually sung her name to a Star Wars tune.
  • Meltman - "With the power to . . . melt!" Meltman was the smallest, and the weakest, of the group. He usually is just used as the League's servant but in a few cases Meltman has also save the League. Unfortunately, he is still treated as the servant of the team.
  • Stinky Diver - "A former navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor!" Stinky Diver is an Australian-accented diver who usually drives the Action League Mobile and also uses his harpoon as the answer to most problems.
  • The Mayor - "His dishonor: The Mayor." Little is known about The Mayor and it is unknown why he is actually called "The Mayor." Despite his vagueness he is actually the most reoccurring villain in the series.
  • The Chief - The Chief is the red-headed African-American leader of the League. He usually tells the League of their mission, and seems to hate The Flesh and Meltman more than the other heroes.
  • Justice - Justice is technically a member of the League, but his only starring role was in "Dog Day After-School". Justice is The Chief's dog and is usually used as a background character.
  • Bill the Lab Guy - Bill is the teams smartest member, having been known to actually clone humans and dinosaurs. However, at times he usually says "There's nothing I can do" whenever one of the League members get injured or run into a disease.
  • Hodge Podge - The shows second most reoccurring villain in the series next to The Mayor, Hodge Podge was originally the League accountant before he was blended and horribly fixed by Bill against his will. Now he is composed of house-hold items and is very gifted in mechanics.


Action League Now!, when all episodes seen on All That, Kablam, and its own series, are accounted for, aired 63 episodes.

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