Adam Greydon Reid (born 1973) is a Canadian actor.

Reid is perhaps best known for his appearances on You Can't Do That on Television, for which he eventually became a writer. He also appeared in the Kids in the Hall movie Brain Candy. He also played Joe Shuster in a Heritage Minute commercial, and has also appeared in commercials for Future Shop and WestJet and Toyota starring as an insecure young commercial director in the process of making a Toyota ad.

You can also hear his voice on 6teen doing the character Wayne from "The Underground Video", the blond haired Greeter God from "Albatross&Finch" and Blade the jock from "Taj Mahome Videos". His other voice work includes the television series What It's Like Being Alone. In 2003, he played Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey's agent on The Facts of Life Reunion movie. In 2005, he appeared in the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode, West End Girls. He has also voice-acted for Total Drama Island (as Justin).

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