The following is a list of episodes in the first season of All Grown Up!, listed in production order.


Image # Title Original air date (United States)
Title-SusieSingsTheBlues.jpg 1 "Susie Sings The Blues" August 26, 2003 (video)
November 29, 2003 (TV)
Susie is discovered as a great singing talent by an agent who leads her to believe she's going to be the next teen superstar.
Title-CoupDeville.jpg 2 "Coup DeVille" April 12, 2003
Lil is invited to a party with all of the popular kids from school, provided her brother does not come with her, so she tries to become independent from him. Meanwhile, Chuckie takes a stand against the mandatory President's Fitness Test.
Chuckie's In Love Title Card.jpg 3 "Chuckie's in Love" January 10, 2004
Chuckie has a crush on Nicole Boscerelli, but he is afraid to talk to her because she does not notice his existence, so he adopts an alter ego to gain her attention. Meanwhile, Angelica becomes a reporter on the school newspaper and decides to write a story about the weird school cafeteria food.
Title-BadKimi.jpg 4 "Bad Kimi" November 29, 2003
Kimi befriends a proverbial "bad boy" called Z, and Chuckie becomes determined to prove that he's up to no good before Kimi gets in serious trouble. Meanwhile, Angelica wants to attend a new accessory store’s opening at the mall, but she has her online advice chat at the same time, so she has Harold take over her chat for the night. Harold realizes he enjoys helping people and is hurt when Angelica comes back the next day to resume her duties.
Title-TruthOrConsequences.jpg 5 "Truth or Consequences" November 29, 2003
Tommy enters a film contest that is going to be judged by his favorite director, Martin Costomiris.
Title-ThiefEncounter.jpg 6 "Thief Encounter" December 6, 2003
There is a thief who has been stealing things from gardens, so Betty DeVille sets up a neighbourhood watch to catch the thief. Tommy and the gang think that the thief is Dil after Tommy finds Susie’s bike in their garage and the Deville’s garden gnome in Dil’s room.
Title-RiverRats.jpg 7 "River Rats" December 13, 2003
Betty and Chas take Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil white-water rafting. It is discovered that Tommy is not the big brave hero that everyone thinks he is as he has a fear of water, but he confronts his fear when he saves Phil from drowning.
Title-ItsCupidStupid.jpg 8 "It's Cupid, Stupid" February 14, 2004
Dil makes friends with the new boy Lil’ Q (voiced by guest star Lil' Romeo) who is a hacky sacker, but his hacky sacky turns out to be Cupid’s arrow, which causes trouble for the Rugrats when it comes time for the Valentine's Day dance
Title-TheOldAndTheRestless.jpg 9 "The Old & The Restless" January 24, 2004
Grandpa Lou chaperons Tommy's class field trip to the Human Body Museum. Meanwhile, Dil has to go to hospital due to a burping disorder.
Title-TweenageTycoons.jpg 10 "Tweenage Tycoons" November 29, 2003
To earn money to buy concert tickets for the Sulky Boys, the gang sell products based on Dil's ideas.
Title-TommyFoolery.jpg 11 "Tommy Foolery" March 27, 2004
The kids prank Dil into thinking aliens have contacted him and they are speaking to him through Tommy. Angelica schemes to be paired with Sean at the Spring Fling school dance.
Title-Lucky13.jpg 12 "Lucky 13" August 28, 2004
The prettiest, most popular girl in school, Savannah, decides to throw her party on the same day as Angelica's. Tommy and Phil use Savannah's obsession with Senor Jumping Bean to ruin her plan.
Title-BrotherCanYouSpareTheTime.jpg 13 "Brother, Can You Spare The Time?" January 17, 2004
When Tommy wins the National Junior Director’s Chair Award for his short film, Kaleidoscope Lunch, Dil is saddened by Tommy’s success because he feels that he and Tommy are growing apart and that he will be forgotten when Tommy becomes famous.

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