The following is a list of episodes in the second season of All Grown Up!, listed in production order.


Image # Title Original air date (United States)
Title-InterviewWithACampire.jpg 14-15 "Interview With A Campfire" June 25, 2004
Camp Everwood seems like the perfect opportunity for Tommy's horror movie to take flight, especially when they learn the curse of Camp Everwood. The camp package contains brain-eating zombies, missing settlers, creepy pioneer Rock, the worst musical in history (starring—who else? Angelica Pickles), and a mystery that is just dying to be solved. But when people start to go missing, can Tommy and the gang figure out just what happened on that same soil, over 100 years ago?
Title-BadAptitude.jpg 16 "Bad Aptitude" June 4, 2004
Tommy and the gang take an aptitude test to get a clue as to what they want to be when they grow up. After Tommy’s film does badly at the showing in the Java Lava he decides to give up his dream of film making and become a business man, like the aptitude test told him. Chuckie's a dare devil. Lil's a wedding planner. Phil's a male model. Dil's a public speaker. Kimi's a film critic. Everyone’s career plans do not turn out according to plan, but Tommy is becoming quite successful in being a business man with the school’s business group, BLEK. But all becomes clear during Tommy’s marketing scheme of ‘Lightning Chuck’, where Tommy takes his camcorder back and leaves the BLEK club.
Title-SavingCynthia.jpg 17 "Saving Cynthia" October 2, 2004
Angelica gets a new design for her room. Her mother, Charlotte, accidentally misunderstood her when she said, "All the toys." Now that Angelica realizes that she misses Cynthia, she goes out to find her. After getting in trouble, Tommy and Chuckie have to water Pangborn's plant, but end up destroying his PDA.
Title-FoolsRushIn.jpg 18 "Fools Rush In" June 5, 2004
An older girl, Francine, publicly humiliates Tommy. At first he does not know why, but then Lil and Kimi convince Tommy that Francine has a crush on him. When he finds out that Francine does not have a crush on him, she humiliates him even more. In the end it becomes apparent that she was only humiliating him because he had cut her scene in one of his films. Once they discuss the misunderstanding they become friends. Meanwhile Angelica tries to increase her website's popularity with embarrassing and humiliating pictures of people.
Title-MemoirsOfAFinster.jpg 19 "Memoirs Of A Finster" June 12, 2004
On being given a family tree project Chuckie and Kimi are excited that they only have one piece of homework between them as they are brother and sister. However Kimi discovers her Japanese heritage and decides that she and Chuckie should work on separate projects, because she is studying all of her biological family’s side, not her half father’s side (Chuckie’s dad). At first Chuckie is supportive of his sister, but after she drags the Finster family into a charade for the schools culture festival, which humiliates them, Chuckie becomes annoyed and wants his old sister back. Meanwhile, Tommy meets a new kid called Trevor who behaves a lot like him.
Title-MissNoseItAll.jpg 20 "Miss Nose It All" June 17, 2004
Angelica has been invited to one of Savannah's parties, and must find a dress that she has not already worn. While working at the hospital she trips and breaks her nose. Not wanting to be seen by anyone, because she has a cast on her nose she fakes having a crazy illness after seeing it on a drama on the hospital television. She then meets a small boy in the hospital, who has greater problems than herself and sees that she is being selfish by pretending to be ill so that she can stay in the hospital and not be seen by Savannah and her friends. Meanwhile, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi help Miss O’Keefe to make a tranquillity garden.
Title-RunaroundSusie.jpg 21 "Runaround Susie" July 17, 2004
Susie is forced to choose between singing at the TV Talent Show, and leading her language team to victory in the language bowl, which is held on the same day. Meanwhile, Lil makes Phil pose as her to tell a nerdy boy, Geoffrey, that she does not like him.
Title-IzzyOrIsntHe.png 22 "Izzy or Isn't He" November 27, 2004
Chuckie runs for School Safety Commissioner. Dil has an imaginary alien friend, Izzy. Izzy becomes popular with the kids in school, despite him being imaginary. Someone then nominates Izzy for Safety Commissioner too. After Izzy becomes more popular than Chuckie, Chuckie relies on his friends to help him win, but even they are backing Izzy. Chuckie becomes annoyed that his friends would rather have an imaginary Safety Commissioner than they would him. While mowing the lawn Chuckie accidentally runs over Izzy and everyone holds a funeral for the imaginary alien, but Dil announces to the school that Izzy would have wanted Chuckie to be the new Safety Commissioner. Once everyone is gone Dil secretly tells Chuckie that Izzy is not really dead.
Title-TheSciencePair.jpg 23 "The Science Pair" November 6, 2004
Tommy’s school have a Science fair and Tommy has an idea to create a machine that can sort socks by colour so that you never end out wearing odd socks. After asking his dad, Stu, for a little advice Stu becomes a little too helpful and takes over. Stu takes over so much that Tommy has to admit that the project is no longer his design at the prize giving event. Meanwhile, Lil has a crush on a idiot named Nicholas, who asks to work with her on her Science project.
Title-ProjectChuckie.jpg 24 "Project Chuckie" November 27, 2004
Angelica tries to help Chuckie become more popular for a school project, but it backfires when he takes her advice, and he becomes more popular than her.

Meanwhile Tommy has written a play for the school’s History assembly and has cast Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Dil to play people in history.

Title-FearOfFalling.jpg 25 "Fear of Falling" February 11, 2005
On a trip to a mountain resort, Tommy develops his first crush on a girl named Olivia, another guest at the lodge. Chuckie becomes a third wheel, and feels alienated when Tommy prefers spending time with Olivia to helping him overcome his fear of heights. Tommy has his very first kiss with Olivia. Meanwhile Angelica tries to impress a guy who works as a hiking leader at the resort.

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