The following is a list of episodes in the fourth season of All Grown Up!, listed in production order.


Image # Title Original air date (United States)
All grown up separate but equal.jpg 36 "Separate But Equal" November 12, 2007
As Phil and Lil's birthday nears, the twins realize that they are more different than they think and decide to have separate parties for the boys and the girls as they try to out-prank each other. Meanwhile, Dil is worried that he might turn into a vampire after getting bit by a vampire bat.
Title-LadiesMan.jpg 37 "Ladies Man" November 13, 2007
Susie trains Harold to help him get a date with Angelica, but he soon becomes the most wanted boy in school. Meanwhile, Dil tries to play Cupid himself as he helps Vice Principal Pangborn woo Velma O'Keats, a substitute and science teacher.
Lostatsea.jpg 38 "Lost at Sea" November 14, 2007
Angelica falls for Darryl, but she gets too nervous to talk to him whenever he's around. Her mom loses her CEO job and decides to become a full-time mom. Then, they get stranded together on a sail boat on the same day as Darryl's rock concert. Meanwhile, Tommy decides to invite Rachel for dinner with his family, but is afraid it will go wrong and she will dislike his family.
Title-RachelRachel.jpg 39 "Rachel, Rachel" November 25, 2006
Despite his objections, Didi forces Tommy to attend Hebrew school to prepare for his bar mitzvah. While there, he meets Rachel, and falls deeply in love with her. In a series of flashbacks, we learn that Tommy's affection for Rachel parallels the courtship of Boris and Minka.
Ohbrother.jpg 40 "Oh Bro, Where Art Thou?" November 15, 2007
Tommy is getting annoyed by Dil's eccentric behaviour, and he wants more space. When the gang visits the Cirque Extravaganza Day Camp, Dil meets a family who are just as eccentric as he is who invite him to join their troupe permanently.
Rattraps.jpg 41 "Rat Traps" November 16, 2007
When the gang sneaks into a PG-13 movie at the mall, Angelica catches them, and she has excellent blackmail fodder. The mall then closes with them locked inside with two robbers. Chuckie saves the day.
Familyway.jpg 42 "In The Family's Way" November 19, 2007
After Charlotte has dinner with the Carmichaels, she decides that Angelica could use a bit more discipline, so she has her staying with Susie's family for a week. Tommy then bets the gang that the spoiled princess can handle all the Carmichael family rules for seven days or a week but she starts playing dirty and tricking them so she doesn't need to do so many chores until Susie and her brothers give Angelica a whole list of assignments to do.
Title-RVHavingFunYet.jpg 43-44 "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" October 10, 2005
When Susie gets chosen to sing at a giant parade in New York City, the tweenage Rugrats hit the road with their moms on a cross country trip! Will Betty's clunky old motor home be able to make it to NYC and see all the stops along the way (like the world's biggest ball of yarn)? Will Tommy and his pals go crazy from lack of video games and TV? Will Chuckie finally get kissed?
Devillehouse.jpg 45 "A DeVille House Divided" November 20, 2007
Phil has a crush on Lil's best friend Wally and they start hanging out more often, making Lil feel out of the loop.

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