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"Fresh out the box,
Stop, look and watch,
Ready yet, get set,
It's Alllllll That!"
―The announcer at the start of the intro sequence for most episodes
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All That is a sketch comedy variety show that aired on Nickelodeon featuring short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests. The theme song for All That was performed by TLC, who performed as the musical guest in two of the first three episodes. Early episodes were taped at the now-defunct Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Orlando, but then moved to Hollywood (California) at the Nickelodeon on Sunset theater (formerly the Aquarius Theatre).

All That first aired on April 16, 1994 as a special preview and debuted as a regular series on December 24th of the same year. It was successfully broadcast internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

All That lasted 10 seasons before it was finished in 2005. The last episode aired on October 22, 2005 on the Nickelodeon network. The show started out in the SNICK block until 2004, when the network converted the SNICK timeslot into a second night for TEENick. In fact, the second era cast members would host SNICK as the "On Air Dare" would be played between shows during commercial breaks.

Reruns returned as part of "The '90s Are All That" block on Nick in July 2011, but with musical guest performances omitted, due to legalities.

In 2019, Brian Robbins, the current president of Nickelodeon, announced a revival of the series with original cast member Kenan Thompson serving as executive producer, with Kel Mitchell later confirmed in the same role.

Reruns of the original series currently play on Nick on Pluto TV during 5:30-7 PM EST.

All That cast members

 Lori Beth Denberg
Lori Beth Dengberg
All That

This includes the original cast, such as Josh Server and others.

Original/Golden Era (1st Run) Cast (1994-2000)

Cast Member Years Credited # of Ep. Notes
Angelique Bates 1994-1996 37 Left after Season 2, because her contract expired.
Amanda Bynes 1996-2000 72 After Season 6, she continued to film The Amanda Show. Now appears in other TV shows and movies, but now retired from acting and went into fashion.
Nick Cannon 1998-2000 31 Featured in Season 5, became regular in Season 6. Later got his own show The Nick Cannon Show. Formerly hosted America's Got Talent and currently hosts Wild 'N Out.
Tasha Danner 1994-1995 15 Featured in and left after Season 1 before and because her contract expired.
Lori Beth Denberg 1994-1998 77 Left after Season 4 because she was getting older, and became a regular on The Steve Harvey Show.
Tricia Dickson 1997 7 Was a featured player in last 7 episodes of Season 3, and left after Season 3 because she was fired to make room for new cast members.
Leon Frierson 1997-2000 53 Became regular in Season 4 along with Tamberelli & Knowings.
Gabriel Iglesias 2000 13 Became regular in and left after Season 6. Currently a stand up comedian and is the host of Nickelodeon’s Unleashed.
Katrina Johnson 1994-1997 51 Left mid way in Season 3, after her contract expired, but was kept in the opening credits until the season ended. Retired from acting.
Christy Knowings 1997-2000 53 Became regular in Season 4 along with Tamberelli and Frierson. Now a video vixen.
Kevin Kopelow 1994-2000 109 Became featured in Season 1 and regular in and left after Season 6.
Victor Cohn-Lopez 1998 12 Featured in season 4, episodes 10-21 and left after Season 4, to make room for new cast members.
Zach McLeMore 1997-1998 18 Became featured in season 4, episode 4 and left after Season 4, to make room for new cast members, like Cohn-Lopez.
Kel Mitchell 1994-1999 87 Left after Season 5 to do the last season of Kenan & Kel. Currently stars on the television series, Game Shakers on Nickelodeon. Missed 11 episodes of Season 5, due to filming Mystery Men. Later he will become an executive producer for the 2019 revival of the eponymous show along with Thompson.
Alisa Reyes 1994-1997 58 Left after Season 3, because she grew tired of sketch comedy. Voiced LaCienega Boulevardez on The Proud Family.
Mark Saul 1998-2000 31 Featured in Season 5, Became regular in season 6. Worked on Grey's Anatomy after leaving the show.
Josh Server 1994-2000 110 The only cast member to last all/all six Golden Era seasons. Currently stars in Laugh Out Loud a webseries.
Danny Tamberelli 1997-2000 53 Became regular in Season 4 along with Knowings and Frierson. Currently in a band.
Kenan Thompson 1994-1999 96 Left after Season 5 to do the last season of Kenan & Kel, then appeared twice during the Relaunch episodes. Became a regular on Saturday Night Live in 2003. Meanwhile, Thompson will become an executive producer for the 2019 revival of the eponymous show.

Relaunch (2nd/Last Run) Cast (2002-2005)

Cast Member Years Credited Notes
Chelsea Brummet 2002-2005 One of the first four cast members to last until the cancellation after season 10. She currently pursues a music career.[1]
Ryan Coleman 2003-2005 Runner-up in R U All That? contest. Joined in second half of Season 9.
Jack DeSena 2002-2005 One of the first four cast members to last until the cancellation after season 10. Continued on with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Stars on web series Dorm Life.
Lisa Foiles 2002-2005 One of the first four cast members to last until the cancellation after season 10. She currently hosts her own YouTube channel.
Bryan Hearne 2002-2003 Left after Season 8 to focus on a music career.
Christina Kirkman 2003-2005 Christina is the winner of the "R U All That?" contest. Joining the cast in Season 9 she lasted until the show got cancelled after Season 10. Christina is the youngest All That cast member in the show's history.
Shane Lyons 2002-2004 Left after Season 9 because his contract ended.
Giovonnie Samuels 2002-2004 Left after Season 9 because her contract ended. Later became a recurring cast member of Season 3 on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
Jamie Lynn Spears 2002-2004 Credited as Jamie Spears. Began in season 8 and left after Season 9, to begin Zoey 101.
Kyle Sullivan 2002-2005 One of the first four cast members from to last until the cancellation after season 10.
Kianna Underwood 2005 Became regular after 10th Anniversary.
Denzel Whitaker 2005 Became regular after 10th Anniversary. Starred in February 2009 Disney Channel movie Dadnapped.

Lil' JJ

2005 Featured player in Season 10 for Vital Information. After All That he went on to star in his own show, Just Jordan.

Creative process


The main creative force behind All That was Dan Schneider. All That marked the beginning of Schneider's prolific career in creating and writing hit television shows for young audiences. The New York Times, in separate articles, referred to Dan Schneider as "the Norman Lear of children's television" and "the master of a television genre".

During Season 1, Heath Seifert and Kevin Kopelow were brought on as producers and continued working in that capacity through Season 3. The writing team advanced to Executive Producers/Head Writers for Seasons 4-6. Heath and Kevin continued their relationship with Kenan and Kel by Co-Executive Producing/Head Writing Kenan & Kel and eventually writing the feature film Good Burger.


Tumblr lqe6qlSr5s1qcbbwuo1 500.jpg
  • The Amanda Show was a sketch comedy show starring Amanda Bynes. The first episode featured Josh and Kenan wishing Amanda good luck with her new show. Characters from The Amanda Show appeared on All That after the episodes she hosted. The show aired from 1999 until 2002.
  • Action League Now! was a stop motion animation show. It became a part of KaBlam! before getting its own short lived series. Three segments of the appeared on the show. The show ran from 2003-2004. The first segments were shown in season 1 and the last was in season 10.
  • Kenan & Kel was a sitcom series starring All That cast members Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson that ran from 1996-2000. The pair left All That to focus on the final season of this show.
  • The Nick Cannon Show, which ran from 2002-2003, was a semi-scripted show starring Nick Cannon. Cannon would come across a situation he thought needed changing and then "take over" to make things better, or at least funnier. Nick's character, Latanya, usually appeared on the show.

All That was also the starting point of other shows on Nick. The Amanda Show led to Drake & Josh, starring Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Nancy Sullivan. The show also starred Miranda Cosgrove, who would go on to star in iCarly, which premiered soon after the end of the regular Drake and Josh series. In another branch, Zoey 101, the show Jamie Lynn Spears left All That in order to start production, welcomed Victoria Justice to the cast at the start of season two. After the series wrapped production, Justice was pitched her own show Victorious, which premiered in 2010. Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande later got to do another spin-off show in 2013, titled Sam & Cat.

Format and broadcast history

See also: List of All That musical guests

All That featured a format of cold open sketch-comedy pieces and a musical guest in its first six seasons and the final season. The cold opens took place in the green room five minutes before the show was to start. Usually, Kevin the Stage Manager (played by Kevin Kopelow) tries to rouse the cast members to preparation for the show by announcing "Five minutes!". Some of these cold opens included playing spin the bottle and having to kiss a cactus, a squid, or a chair; Kel Mitchell reenacting a fight on Kopelow; and guest star Mark Curry tying up Kenan Thompson and wearing his Superdude costume. All other seasons featured a weekly host introducing and occasionally participating in the various sketches and a musical guest, a format pioneered by Saturday Night Live.

Many of the sketches were original material, although Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, Steve Urkel, Ross Perot, and Bill Clinton, were impersonated by Kenan, Katrina Johnson, Angelique Bates, Gabriel Iglesias, respectively. The humor was very pre-teen-oriented; Josh Server would eat his own dandruff or appear on stage wearing only his underwear, or a cereal called Lucky Germs or Fruit Poots. From Season 7 onward, the humor was geared more toward younger viewers than the first six seasons.

In the first five seasons And Season 10, All That used mostly urban contemporary, rap, and R&B; but in later seasons aimed for more mainstream, modern rock-oriented acts.

Green Rooms

In the beginning of each episode it would show some of the cast members in the greenroom. This has been done for every episode that they have made. Something weird would happen in the greenroom like an evil clone of Jamie Spears that's really a monster (season 8), a fridg running away (season 9), or an alien that comes for pudding (season 5). In seasons 1-6 the greenroom would have the All That logo painted on the wall and it also had a sign that said ON AIR. In seasons 7-10 they would have a view of the logo outside and an elevator and it also had a sign that said To The Stage:

Season 1, the Greenroom was a basketball gym and located on the set, which was mainly black with set equipment and a stairway to the backstage halls. Which sometimes they're seen in, too. In Season 2, the Greenroom was different and a hangout place for the cast members in which are pop culture props.

In Seasons 3-6, the Greenroom was again'ly/again different when the show moved to Hollywood. Inside was the Logo painted on the left wall, and couches, tables, chairs, and other pop culture props were seen, even 2 arcade video game machines. It also contains an ON-AIR light board above the door, where the cast leaves to go so the show, which they walk up a short staircase and hand rails. There is also an additional door on the right, were some cast members also appear in the green room.

Seasons 7-10's Greenroom was seen as a classic Now hang out room. Inside contains a couch, a kitchen section on the elevated part, which is also where the door is located. There is also an elevator in this greenroom, that cast members can also appear from. Props, Pictures, and Room Accessories are all located throughout the room as well. A platinum inch television screen is also seen on the left hand side, that always displays: An orange background with an orb that displays the All That logo (Season 7-8), sometimes an All that logo with a 7 behind it (part of season 7). A red background with the regular logo with many 10s appearing and disappearing numerously (10th Anniversary). A light purple background with the All That logo displayed on it (Season 10).

Opening sequence

As with most shows, All That had an opening title sequence, which, in this case, occurred after a cold open sketch. In seasons one, two and three, the opening title was showing the cast on the classic 90s streets, playing Wall Ball, and going through each cast members name in alphabetical order. After Angelique's departure after Season 2, Amanda Bynes was added in, with her own solo shots, coincidentally replacing Angelique's position in alphabetical order, as they shared initials. This cast change led to entirely new group shots. Katrina left the show midway through season three, but no scenes were reshot, replaced, or removed. However, an "Also Featuring" slide was added to reflect the addition of Tricia Dickson, who left at the end of the season.

In seasons four and five, After Katrina and Alisa's departures, as well as the additions of Danny, Christy, and Leon, necessitated a new opening sequence. This new sequence has the cast walking down a red carpet, with classic Hollywood classic outfits. After Season 4, when Lori Beth had left, she was edited out. That was the only major change for the opening sequence for season 5, other than an "Also Featuring" acknowledgment for Mark Saul and Nick Cannon in a similar fashion to that of the previously mentioned Dickson.

In Season 6, another brand new sequence was shot, after the departures of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. This was also done to acknowledge Mark and Nick's promotion and the addition of Gabriel.

In seasons seven and eight, the show returned from a hiatus to begin a new era with completely new cast members, and thus the show had a brand new opening sequence shot. In this sequence, the castmembers were seen in white clothing behind a black room, with the show's logo behind them. In Season 8, Jamie Lynn was added and thus the opening was edited to include her.

In the Season 9 Opening title, after the loss of Bryan, the remaining cast was seen behind the black room again, but in red attire. Midway through the season Ryan joined the cast, and the sequence was edited to include him. After this season, Shane, Giovonnie, and Jamie left the show, and the show was forced to do another opening title.

For the 10th Anniversary, the producers compiled all the previous openings, and placing a "10" for each of them. Each member was shown in either one of their title appearances, but Jack was the only one who was seen to have both of his opening titles. At the end, the title quickly zooms center through each of the group endings of each season.

In the 10th season, with new cast members Kianna and Denzel, it showed the cast getting out of a Black Limousine, and walking down the red carpet, and talking to their fans and at the ending it showed the cast in front of the show's logo with cameras flashing. It resembles the seasons four and five intros.

Notable sketches

Main article: List of All That sketches

The Three most famous sketches on All That were Good Burger, which soon became a Nickelodeon film, Dullmont High School, and Vital Information. All three were from the Golden Era seasons (Seasons 1-6), but Good Burger wasn't in Season 6. These three sketches returned in the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special for just one time. The Same cast members who were in these sketches, reprised their roles, despite them being older. Vital Information returned to the show in the Anniversary and continued in Season 10 until the show's cancellation.

  • Good Burger is a recurring sketch that took place at a fast food restaurant. The cashier, Ed played by Kel Mitchell in Seasons 1-5 and Ryan Coleman in Season 9, was portrayed as a clueless teenager who always found a way to mess things up. A notable quote from Good Burger, stated by Kel in every episode, was "Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?" Good Burger was later made into a 1997 movie starring Kel Mitchell reprising his role as Ed and Kenan Thompson as a new character named Dexter. Frequent customers include: Bernie Kibbitz (Josh Server), Lester Oaks, Construction Worker (Kenan Thompson), and Connie Muldoon (Lori Beth Denberg). (Seasons 1-5, 9-10)
  • Dullmont Jr. High School is a known sketch that has many characters that carried into varying sketches, but remained the same. At the school, strange things would happen, mainly due to the insane staff members. (Seasons 1-6)

Series history

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Main article: List of All That episodes
Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
Season 1 15 April 16, 1994 April 1, 1995
Season 2 21 October 7, 1995 October 12, 1996
Season 3 20 November 16, 1996 October 18, 1997
Season 4 21 November 15, 1997 November 28, 1998
Season 5 19 December 12, 1998 October 16, 1999
Season 6 14 January 15, 2000 November 4, 2000
Best of All That 10 November 27, 1999 March 17, 2001
Season 7 12 January 19, 2002 May 4, 2002
Season 8 15 September 21, 2002 April 26, 2003
Season 9 16 September 6, 2003 April 24, 2004
Season 10 17 April 30, 2005 October 22, 2005

Airing history

1996 CableSystem All That ad.jpg
  • Nickelodeon (original run, April 16, 1994-October 22, 2005; reruns, 2005-2006, June 25-July 12, 2012)
  • The N/TeenNick (March 12-September 15, 2008, July 25, 2011-2020)

Awards and nominations

Awards Outcome Note
1997 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Show Nominated
1998 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Actor Nominated Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell- "All That" / "Kenan & Kel"
1999 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Show WON
Favorite TV Actor WON Kel Mitchell- "All That" / "Kenan & Kel"
2000 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Show WON
Favorite TV Actor WON Kenan Thompson- "All That"
Favorite TV Actress WON Amanda Bynes- "All That" / "The Amanda Show"
2001 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Actor WON Nick Cannon- "All That"
2002 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite TV Show Nominated
2003 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite Movie Actress WON Amanda Bynes- "Big Fat Liar"
Favorite TV Actress WON Amanda Bynes- "The Amanda Show" / "All That"
2004 Kids' Choice Awards:
Favorite Movie Actress WON Amanda Bynes
Favorite TV Show WON

Media franchise


File:41ZM647KGRL SL500 AA240 .jpg

All That: The Album

Main article: All That: The Album

On November 26, 1996, Nickelodeon released a CD titled All That: The Album. It contains All That Dialogues from the show, and songs sang from Musical Guest (i.e. Faith Evans, Coolio, Monica, Naughty By Nature, etc.). All That's theme opening and outro theme were finally released on this CD. Music from the CD is mainly inspired from the show, related to Drake & Josh: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show and iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show.[2]


All That: Fresh Out The Box Cover

On October 1, 1998, Nickelodeon released a 112-page book titled "All That: Fresh Out The Box" by Steve Holland. The book contains information of the show's sketches, cast members, and notable points of the show. It also contains different character information as well. Bonus features include: An episode guide complete with quotes, the Playlist – the hottest musical acts, the coolest grooves, special Guest Stars, behind the scenes of All That, and an Ultimate All That Trivia Contest.[3]


On June 30, 2000, Nickelodeon gave All That a promotional summer tour titled "All That Music and More Festival", which traveled all over the country, and was hosted by the cast of All That. The tour began after season 6, and lasted the Summer of 2000, starting on June 30 to September 3, 2000. The tour mainly featured the cast members of All That and the musical guest. Many of the musical guest joined the tour, and have performed during the tour. Also while the tour went on, the cast members have done numerous live sketchs.[4] There was also a ticket contest a year before the began festival.[5] On July 29, 2000, Nickelodeon broadcasted on their channel the highlights and events that happened during the entire festival.[6]



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