Amber Millington was a resident of Anubis House. She follows the stereotype of "dumb blonde", but is smarter than anyone gives her credit for. She is best friends with Nina Martin and Fabian Rutter. She is outgoing, loves attention, and fashion. She is one of the 3 original members of Sibuna, along with Nina and Fabian. She is the ex-girlfriend of Mick Campbell, whom she has resolved to love as a brother. She started dating Alfie Lewis, who spent most of his time pining for her, but they later broke up. They got back together in the Season Two Finale. Amber used to date Mick, however they broke up after she accidentally forgot about their date one too many times because of Sibuna. Though she still loves him and was very upset about their breakup. Nina comforted her. It is revealed that Mick still loves her, but they don't match and so he would rather be friends. She still misses Mick sometimes, she found it unfair how Mick acted like nothing had happened. She used to be best friends with Mara Jaffray but they fought over Mick, whom Mara liked. Mara also doesn't think that they should be together, as she says "they have nothing in common". After she found out that Mara cheated on the French test for Mick, she started a fight with her, but it got broken up very quickly. She is now friends with Mara again, but they're no longer roommates and they aren't as close as they used to be. In the first season she has no idea that Alfie has a crush on her, she only thinks that he is being himself. She used to share rooms with Mara, but after she finds her flirting with Mick at their get back together party she switches rooms with Patricia. Nina is now her best friend as they are seen hunting for clues together and sharing a room. Amber even told Nina that Patricia was looking through her stuff, risking getting water dumped over her head. Amber pulls herself into danger quite frequently. In season two she demanded to be in Sibuna and so the mark of Anubis was put on her ankle. Even though she involved herself, she would not have changed a thing. There is a rumor that she may not stay actively involved in Sibuna because she is not shown in the pictures of Sibuna. In Season 3, her father pulls her out to go to the New York School of Fashion. Amber did not return in The Touchstone of Ra, so it is possible that House of Trickery / House of Unity are her last episodes on the show.


Amber is one of the residents of Anubis House. She was best friends as well as roomies with Mara, until they both had a fight over Mick and switched rooms, leaving Amber sharing with Nina and Mara sharing with Patricia. She was the 2nd person to start believing that Nina had nothing to do with Joy's disapearance, starting the time when Nina locked herself out of the attic. Amber is obsessed with Victoria Beckham. She is often seem to be portrayed as a dumb blonde who only cares about boys, fashion and make up, but Amber is sometimes seen as a little genius. Amber was the 4th person who lives in Anubis house to get to know about the Anubis mystery. She also came up with an idea of a secret society club Sibuna. Amber's first boyfriend on the show was Mick, ending them with their last break up in the middle of the season, because of the drama they both had between each other and Mara. Amber kissed Alfie on the stage because she wanted to make Mick jelous, and that's how Alfie first realised he had a crush on her. Amber was dating Alfie from season 2 until when she left to New York's fashion school in season 3. Amber once said in the start of season 2 that she's a risk taker, naming herself the Queen of Risk, although she admited later that she has a bug phobia. In the very start of the 2nd season, Amber didn't admit that Alfie is her boyfriend, and told him that he will only become one if he passes her Amber Millington guide to dating checklist. Alfie completed the list by giving her gifts, even though he failed quite a few times by giving her cupcakes with raspberries which she's alergic to, and a cactus, which by the way was Jerome's fault, when they were meant to be orchids. She broke up with Alfie saying that she loves him and with tears in her eyes. Mara switched rooms in season 3 and roomed with Amber, until she left to fashion school, leaving Mara having a room with Joy and Willow.