And Now This! was a planned Nickelodeon sketch comedy show. Two pilot episodes were produced, both written by MADtv's Phil LaMarr. The first, hosted by Rosie O'Donnell, aired on October 19, 1997. The second, hosted by Coolio, aired on February 17, 1998. Both 22-minute episodes aired on Nickelodeon several times throughout 1997 and 1998, but And Now This! was never picked up for a full series.

The pilots were directed by Stacy Peralta and were based on an idea created by Rasha Drachkovitch, Jane Haven, and Robbie Rowe. The show featured life-sized puppets (designed by the Big Nazo performance group) and a few different comedy segments.

The show included guest appearances from Nick stars Kenan and Kel, as well as footage from Nicktoon characters "commenting on" the comedy sketches. Canadian actor Dan Levy (who would later become a host of MTV Live) appeared on the show in an early TV role.[1]



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