Dr. Arturo Santiago is the father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago from The Loud House who was rarely mentioned and never seen prior to the show's fourth season. He is first mentioned in "A Tale of Two Tables", in which it is revealed that he had a hernia operation; when Lynn Sr. asks Lori how it went, Lori simply answers, "Um... okay, I guess."

When Lincoln visits the Santiago house in "Shell Shock", Mr. Santiago is nowhere to be seen, and he does not move to Great Lakes City with his wife and kids in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", indicating that Maria is raising Bobby and Ronnie Anne as a single parent. However, in "Garage Banned", Bobby mentions over his phone call to Lori that "Papa thought he saw a mouse in the store," possibly referring to his father paying him a visit. It is eventually revealed in "Friended!" that he and Maria are separated, and that he currently works as a doctor in Peru.[1] Despite no longer living with his kids, he still loves them and always keeps in touch with them through video calls.


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