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As Told by Ginger is an American animated series that ran from October 25, 2000 to October 23, 2016 in the United States. The series ended production in 2003, and by 2005 the series had fully aired on international versions of Nickelodeon in other countries, while in the U.S. the series was taken off Nickelodeon's schedule in 2004 during the third season. Two episodes premiered on a sister channel, Nicktoons, in 2004 and 2006. After 10 years, this was followed by the 2016 premieres of four more episodes on a sister channel's TeenNick's NickSplat (which was known at the time as "The Splat"). However, as of October 24, 2016, two episodes in Season 3 remain unaired in the U.S. (although the series finale, The Wedding Frame, was released direct-to-DVD in region 1 in November 2004, though one of the episodes leading up to it has never aired in the country). The two unaired episodes were released on CBS All Access in January 2021 (later renamed to Paramount+). Below is a list of all episodes from the series.

Pilot: 1998

# Title Original air date Prod. code
0 "The Party" October 9, 2015 100
Ginger is invited to Courtney's party, but there's one problem: she has to watch Carl. She takes Carl to the party and ties him up with a hose in the backyard. In the party, the kids play spin the bottle. Ginger spins and it lands on her crush, Ian Richton. Just before they are about to kiss, Blake, Courtney's younger brother, comes in wearing only his underwear and ruins the party. Ian sneaks Ginger a kiss anyway. Meanwhile, Dodie and Macie have their own party at Dodie's house.

NOTE: This episode made its TV premiere on Friday, October 9, 2015 on NickSplat. It was originally produced in 1998. This episode was released on the Far from Home DVD on Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 10 years before its TV premiere.

Season 1: 2000-2001

# Title Original air date Prod. code
1 "Ginger the Juvey" October 25, 2000 101
Ginger is invited to Courtney's birthday party but doesn't know what to get her. Miranda tells her that stealing the "ENTER" sign from the bank would be the perfect gift. Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Darren agree to do it, but Miranda calls her father, Officer Killgallen, and reports the theft. Meanwhile, Blake steals Carl's most prized possession: his petrified eyeball.
2 "Carl and Maude" November 1, 2000 102
Courtney invites herself to Ginger's house for dinner. Carl meets an elderly prankster, Maude, at the retirement home and invites her to dinner the same night. Hoodsey is jealous because Carl's spending so much time with Maude and he's changed since he meet her. While Ginger tries to play Maude as her grandmother, Carl plans on proposing to her. Maude passes away during dinner.
3 "Stealing First" November 5, 2000 103
Ginger is afraid to go on the class ski trip because she can't ski. Courtney bets Miranda that she can get the foreign exchanged student, Jean-Pierre, to kiss Ginger on the chair lift. When the chair lift stops, Jean-Pierre tries to kiss Ginger but she falls off and discovers she can ski, but for a price: she ends up breaking Darren's leg.

NOTE: This episode is available on DVD.

4 "Sleep On It" November 12, 2000 104
Courtney overhears Ginger talking about a slumber party and decides to throw her own, despite not knowing how to. Miranda and other members of Courtney's group try to make it look like Ginger wet the bed. Meanwhile, Blake invites Carl to his own sleepover but Carl can't go. So he sends Hoodsey with a mini video camera to try and steal back the petrified eyeball.
5 "Of Lice and Friends" November 19, 2000 105
There is a lice-outbreak at Lucky Jr. High as Dodie becomes the school announcer. Ginger feels that Dodie goes overboard with her job when Dodie turns it into a gossip column. Dodie finds the list of kids who were found to have lice during the inspection and feels that the other students have the right to know so they can avoid getting lice, one of which is Courtney. Ginger is able to stop her from reading most of the list over the announcements. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey sabotage Blake's experiment to give flies multi-colored wings.
6 "Dare I, Darren?" November 26, 2000 106
Ginger begins to see Darren as more than a friend after Miranda suggests they'd make a cute couple. She and he go on a date to the movies, which Darren thinks is just a friendly outing. Meanwhile, Blake had his tonsils removed and Carl and Blake look to borrow his telescope, but they come out with a much more valuable prize: Blake's tonsils.

NOTE: This episode is available on DVD.

7 "Hello Stranger" December 17, 2000 107
Ginger receives a 5th grade graduation card from her father and invites him to a poem reading she's doing at school. He never calls back, but she assumes he'll come and is crushed when he doesn't. Meanwhile, Lois accidentally drinks a dehydrated snake potion that looked like lemonade and must stay in the hospital. Carl accompanies her when he's bitten by a monkey and starts acting like one, too.

NOTE: This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award (Outstanding Program Less Than One Our) in 2001.

8 "Cry Wolf" January 7, 2001 108
During a routine fire alarm, Dodie accidentally tells Miranda that Ginger isn't allowed to shave her legs. Miranda uses this as blackmail to get Ginger to do her homework and, of course, to stay away from Courtney. Meanwhile, Carl puts together an all-hair ensemble and becomes Wolf Boy.
9 "The Right Stuff" January 21, 2001 109
Macie and Courtney enter a high school-level French class. There, Macie is unwillingly volunteered to host a pool party. Two girls from the class, Chantel and Andrea, plan to pull the string on the top half of Courtney's bikini to embarrass her. Macie finds out and she, Ginger, Dodie, and Darren are able to stop it. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to get some Albert Einstein DNA for a school science fair project.
10 "Kiss and Make-up" January 28, 2001 110
After Lois tells Ginger she can't wear make-up for her school picture, she, Dodie, and Macie create "fake-up". Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey ride with the garbage man, Dwane, to Protect Pines, the Griplings' neighborhood, where they find Blake's baby blanket.
11 "The 'A' Ticket" February 4, 2001 111
Ginger is partnered up with Ian Richton for science, which he seemed happy about. Ginger thinks he was showing signs of affection for her, but Darren finds out that he is just using Ginger to get an A so he can stay on the soccer team. Meanwhile, Carl, Hoodsey, and Brandon compete for a glockenspiel solo in front of the town eccentric.
12 "Come Back Little Seal Girl" February 18, 2001 112
Ginger, Dodie, and Macie agree on doing a skit devoted to The Little Seal Girl, their childhood hero, for the school talent show. Ginger and Dodie, however, quickly become convinced that it's too juvenile and back-out. Macie feels betrayed and goes solo. Meanwhile, Carl touches a mummified hand of his teacher's that is supposedly cursed.
13 "I Spy a Witch" October 26, 2001 113
Ginger is framed for the school statue and is denied her part as lead in the school musical, when it was really Miranda and Mipsy. Meanwhile, Carl tries to bring back the ghost of Maude.
14 "Blizzard Conditions" April 22, 2001 114
A snow storm hits Sheltered Shrubs as Ginger, Dodie, and Macie work on their survival story projects. They finally get their topic when they have to save Courtney, Blake, and Winston from their limo which is buried in snow. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey watch a dentist's dog in exchange for a cuspidor (which is what you spit into at the dentist's).
15 "Deja Who?" November 20, 2001 115
Courtney gets food poisoning on the same week that she's supposed escort the Senator's son and convince him to enroll there. She gets Ginger to pretend she's Courtney, talking, walking, dressing, and socializing just as Courtney does are only some of the things expected of her. Dodie and Macie become jealous after Ginger gets too caught up in her new inner circle of friends and leaves them behind. Since Ginger is Courtney, Ginger is marked absent for the whole week which frustrates Lois. Hoodsey has a bad fall and gets amnesia. He becomes "Rob" and doesn't seem to want to rekindle his friendship with Carl and becomes friends with Brandon much to the pleasure of Mrs.Bishop.
16 "An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special" December 10, 2001 116
Ginger discovers that she's one-fourth Jewish. When she decides to celebrate with a Hanukkah party and turns her back on a Christmas party, which upsets Dodie. She then decides to throw the party as an "even steven" holiday party. Meanwhile, Hoodsey finds out that the reason Carl doesn't believe in Santa Clause is because he used to wish that his father would come home for Christmas, and he never did. Hoodsey tells a street corner Santa, who is really Jonas, about this and Jonas decides to pay his family a visit.
17 "Piece of My Heart" December 16, 2001 117
Hoodsey acts as Macie's mystery man because he has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Darren thinks that Courtney invited him to the dance, but she really invited his older brother, Will. Also, Carl and Blake team up to retrieve a pig's heart so they can save a cow's life.
18-19-20 "Summer of Camp Caprice (TV-Movie)" July 7, 2001 118-119-120
Ginger, Dodie, and Macie take their annual trip to Camp Caprice, an all-girls camp. Only this time, they have some unexpected baggage, Courtney, who is trying to prove that she isn't high maintenance like Miranda said. Ginger meets a boy, Sasha Miloshekovic, at the camp and she begins to have extreme feelings for him. Meanwhile, across the lake at a military camp, run by Miranda's father, Miranda and Darren struggle at the exercises. The two form a small bond. Back in Sheltered Shrubs, Carl and Hoodsey start a house-keeping service as a cover-up for their search for the town's mysterious dog-napper.

Season 2: 2002-2003

# Title Original air date Prod. code
21 "Never Can Say Goodbye" February 11, 2002 201
Darren gets his headgear removed and becomes instant popularity over night. Ginger thinks she may have feelings for him, but she isn't the only one. Darren and Miranda start dating. Ginger learns from a talk show that the best thing to do is to give him the cold shoulder, which she does. Meanwhile, Brandon's pet monkey, Mr. Licorice, goes missing and he calls on Carl and Hoodsey to search for him.
22 "Gym Class Confidential" February 12, 2002 202
The girls gym class has to watch a film about puberty. Macie is terrified and Ginger feels guilty because she thinks that this will tear their friendship apart. Meanwhile, Hoodsey is afraid to take showers in gym class because he doesn't want to get naked in front of other people.
23 "Fast Reputation" February 13, 2002 203
After being called a "nice" girl for too long, Ginger, along with Dodie and Macie, crash a high school party. There, she runs into a "cool guy" named Jake. Rumors spread that Ginger and Jake made out and her reputation is ruined. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey start their own food cart business featuring dishes with gross-out names.
24 "The Nurses' Strike" February 14, 2002 204
Lois is out of work because of the nurses' strike. She decided to run her own cleaning business which just so happens to embarrass Ginger. But since she needs the money for a school trip, Ginger joins her mother and finds that the mother-daughter time is actually fun. Miranda eventually finds out and has Courtney hire Lois to clean her house. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to train Principal Milty's dog, The Duchess, but only Hoodsey can truly get through to her.
25 "Trouble in Gal Pal Land" February 20, 2002 205
Courtney and Miranda get into an argument in gym class and Courtney has Miranda exiled from the group. When Ginger sticks up for Miranda in front of everyone, Miranda feels that she owes Ginger and becomes her new best friend. However, Miranda becomes pushy, inconsiderate, and down right annoying to Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Darren. Meanwhile, Hoodsey poses as a street urchin to help Mrs.Gripling win the election of president of the charity committee and her country club.
26 "Sibling Revile-ry" March 10, 2002 206
Ginger is elected onto the student council. She creates a "big brother/sister" program in which if a kid gets in trouble, they won't be sent to detention, they will have an older role model to "correct" them. But as her program spreads, students purposely get in trouble so they can be paired up with cool people from the high school. The program reaches the elementary school. At the same time Carl damages the school's septic tank. He is assigned a military-style big brother who wants to make Carl into a perfect angel.
27 "Losing Nana Bishop" March 17, 2002 207
Dodie and Hoodsey's grandmother passes away. Mrs.Bishop wants Hoodsey to speak at the funeral, but he hasn't a clue what to say since he wasn't nearly as close to her as Dodie was. The experience inspires Ginger to learn more about her grandmother. She talks to her father and watches old home movies only to learn that she and her grandmother had a special bond. Carl and Hoodsey accidentally lock themselves in shackles and an iron mask when the lose the key.
28 "TGIF" March 24, 2002 208
On Friday the 13th, Ginger's house is discovered as having a deadly mold that attracts a lot of media attention. When Lois and Carl make the best of a bad situation by "putting their own spin on it" to the press, Ginger refuses to stay with them at the Bishop's and stays with Courtney instead. Carl is disappointed when Hoodsey doesn't want to help him have the unluckiest experience ever.
29 "Lunatic Lake" March 31, 2002 109
Macie and Ginger are nervous about vacationing with Dodie's family to Lune Lake because they feel Mrs. Bishop is a little intense. Carl and Hoodsey plan to make a movie based on an escaped mental patient that is believed to be hiding in the Lune Lake area. When they sneak out of the cabin in the middle of the night, Joann and the girls go looking for them, only to run into the real lunatic.

NOTE: This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award (Outstanding Animated Program Less Than One Hour) in 2002.

30 "Ms. Foutley's Boys" April 7, 2002 110
Lois starts to date Buzz, the plumber that helped fix the mold problem in "TGIF". Shortly after, he and his three sons are living in Lois' house as Buzz fixes everything, giving it a man's touch. Ginger feels caught between her intolerance of Buzz and the fact that she doesn't want her mom to end up alone. Meanwhile, Carl uses Buzz's three sons as guinea pigs for his latest inventions.
31 "April's Fools" April 1, 2002 211
Ginger decided to play an April's Fools joke on Dodie by forging a love note. Dodie admits she really likes the guy, Dustin, Ginger singed it as, and Dustin admits to really liking Macie. Carl fools Blake into thinking that he sold his tonsils (which he stole in Dare I, Darren?).
32 "Love With a Proper Transfer Student" April 14, 2002 212
Dodie signs up for the school musical in hopes that she'll get the lead part so that she could kiss Joaquin, the new kid. Ginger also has a crush on Joaquin and when she lands the role as the lead, an innocent stage kiss turns into a passionate one, causing tension between Dodie and Ginger. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey concoct a love potion that they think Ginger drank, making them responsible for the love triangle. It turns out, Lois was the one that drank the potion and it didn't have any effect.
33 "Family Therapy" April 21, 2002 213
Macie's parents forget about her thirteenth birthday. When Ginger tells Bobby and Bobbie Lightfoot, they feel extremely guilty and ensure that they make it up to Macie. They begin to treat her like a four-year-old, showering her with baby toys and hosting her birthday party at a petting zoo. Meanwhile, Carl hides in fear from an escaped naked mole rat until deciding to find it.
34 "New Girl in Town" April 28, 2002 214
The new girl in school, Laetitia Bowers, is not welcomed with open arms. Her gothic appearance and the fact that she carried around a fake skull only helped people circulate the rumor that the reason she and her father, who is a mortician, left town was because Mr. Bowers accidentally embalmed someone who was still alive. Ginger sees through these lies and promises Laetitia she can get the "in" crowd to come to her party. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey are guilted into staying at Brandon's birthday party because they are the only ones there and Brandon's parents think he's popular.
35 "Ginger's Solo" June 30, 2002 215
The Lucky Jr. High band is going to perform at Sasha's school in Heathered Hills. Ginger takes this opportunity to go with the band (playing the triangle in the performance). But as it turns out, Sasha already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Carl tries to raise money by fooling people into thinking he's a psychic.
36 "Mommie Nearest" May 19, 2002 216
Courtney's mother has to stay in the hospital after a bad face lift, causing Courtney to find comfort in Lois. Ginger becomes jealous of Lois and Courtney's bond, especially when Courtney has to stay in their house for a few days. Meanwhile, Dr. Dave convinces Carl to wear a fake chin before going into surgery to make his real one larger.
37 "No Hope for Courtney" June 1, 2003 217
Ginger helps a common geek, Hope, find confidence. Unfortunately, this confidence caused her to change her look and take over Courtney's position as the most popular girl in school. As all of Courtney's group has turned on her, Courtney becomes a hopeless wreck. Mean while Mrs.Gordon tired of Carl's practical jokes retires upsetting him. Eventually he begs Mrs. Gordon to come back, she agrees but she passes away shortly after. This episode was dedicated to Kathleen Freeman who died of cancer at age 82.
38 "Next Question" January 19, 2003 218
Ginger develops a crush on her quiz team teacher and embarrasses herself in front of him. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to free the city groundhog so they use the situation for product endorsement.
39 "Driven to Extremes" June 29, 2003 219
A substitute strikes fear into Ms. Zorski's class. Miranda organizes them to T.P. the substitute's house and ring the door bell, pelting her with eggs when she comes to answer. Ginger thinks it's going a little too far and backs out. But when she becomes concerned for the substitute, she decides to put an end to her classmates' schemes. Meanwhile, Carl offers to teach Mr. Licorice how to ride a motorcycle for a pet talent show.
40 "And She Was Gone" November 24, 2002 220
Ginger writes a poem about a girl that wants to disappear for a competition. When Ms. Zorski reads it, she becomes concerned with the strong feelings put into it. She forces Ginger visit the school counselor. It was only a matter of time that the student body was convinced she was depressed. Meanwhile, Carl tests his disappearing potion on Noelle Sussman, who he thinks is a nobody. But when Noelle really does disappear, Carl deeply regrets it.

NOTE: This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award (Outstanding Animated Program Less Than One Hour).

Season 3: 2003-2006

# Title Original air date Prod. code
41-42-43 "Foutley's On Ice" August 9, 2003 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 301-302-303
Miranda and Mipsy pay off the board members at Avalanche Arts Academy (a writing school) to accept Ginger for a semester term. When Ginger arrives there, Mipsy's cousin, Thea, has the job to make Ginger feel welcome and convince her to stay full time. Meanwhile, Darren starts to develop feelings for Ginger. Also, Courtney decides she needs to spend as much time with Dodie and Macie to try and soak up every last bit of Ginger, but her plans change when she discovers Miranda and Mipsy's scandal. Finally, Carl becomes jealous when he thinks Hoodsey and Noelle like each other while they enter Noelle in a freak show competition (because of her telekinetic powers).

NOTE: This episode is available on DVD.

44 "Wicked Game" August 30, 2003 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 304
Ginger returns from Avalanche Arts Academy. When she does, Dodie and Macie feel like they've been bumped down as Ginger seems preoccupied with her boyfriend, Darren. Also not happy with Ginger are Mipsy and Miranda, who seduce Dodie and Macie into helping them break-up Ginger and Darren. Ginger eventually finds out thanks to Courtney. Meanwhile, Noelle loses Carl to Polly Shuster in a bet. For an entire weekend, Carl has to play "Parrot World" with Polly. Blake takes pictures of Carl actually enjoying this game and plans to use them for blackmail.
45 "The Easter Ham" April 11, 2004 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 305
Lois and Joann fight over the last ham for Easter in the supermarket. Joann has to go to the hospital and she forbids Hoodsey and Dodie from ever speaking to Carl and Ginger again. Ginger has to decide whether to throw Darren's birthday party without Dodie or not. Meanwhile, Carl, Brandon, and Hoodsey (behind his mother's back) begin to sell Easter eggs.
46 "About Face" May 23, 2004 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 306
Dodie's mother gets a job substitute-teaching at Dodie's school. Dodie feels betrayed when her mother begins to start hanging out with Courtney and the "in" crowd. Dodie later finds out that it may be a result of Joann being crowned "Missed Popularity" as a kid. Meanwhile, Dr. Dave plans on proposing to Lois, but the engagement ring gets stuck on Carl's finger. Blake uses this and the photos he took of Parrot World to ruin his relationship with Noelle. Also, Dr. Dave's mother comes to town and she and Lois don't make nice.
47-48 "Butterflies Are Free" June 13, 2004 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 307-308
Ginger and her friends are graduating junior high school, and Ginger is asked to give the speech at graduation. She has trouble writing one, however, because it seems that her and her friends are being pulled in all different directions. Macie's new band mate has his eye on her, Darren gets involved in football, and Dodie with cheerleading. Carl and Hoodsey put the petrified eyeball, Blake's tonsils, and Mr. Licorice's tooth into a time capsule, which Polly Shuster tricked them into.
49 "Heat Lightening" June 27, 2004 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 309
Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Courtney return to Camp Caprice as counselors. Ginger begins to feel that she may not want Darren as a boyfriend, but Sasha instead. After a bad run-in with Sasha, Ginger realizes that she didn't want to date him, she only wanted the feelings she had when she first met him. Meanwhile, Dr. Dave has to stay with Lois because his house is being fumigated, and it turns out that his mother has to stay there too. Carl and Hoodsey try to deal with the on-going heat wave.
50 "Fair to Cloudy" July 4, 2004 Nickelodeon 2003.svg 310
Ginger, Dodie, and Macie prepare for their annual trip to the county fair, only Ginger has one last-minute addition, Darren. To retaliate, Dodie invites Courtney along, too. Darren ends up thinking the whole thing is "lame" and Courtney has to examine every little thing. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to free a two-headed horse at the fair.
51 "Stuff'll Kill Ya" November 14, 2006 Nicktoons Network 2005.svg 311
Ginger's busy high school schedule leads her to count on a caffeine drink, the Mocho Loco Frothinator. This causes her to become extremely hyper, but she crashes and burns without more, making it an unhealthy addiction. Meanwhile, Carl's disregard for the rules make him think he's inhaled something deadly. However, it is only a fake story that his teacher creates as payback for his daughter's misfortune.
52 "Detention" October 22, 2016 TeenNick 2016.svg 312
Ginger gets detention for sleeping in class and asks Dodie to dress up as her to go to Darren's football game. Ginger also meets Orion in detention.
53 "Kiss Today Goodbye" October 22, 2016 TeenNick 2016.svg 313
Dodie looks back on her day.
54 "A Lesson in Tightropes" October 23, 2016 TeenNick 2016.svg 314
Ginger gets acute Appendicitis and has to have an emergency Appendectomy.
55 "Dodie's Big Break" October 23, 2016 TeenNick 2016.svg 315
Dodie, in hopes of becoming a cheerleader, is reduced to the equipment manager.
56 "Battle of the Bands" January 12, 2021 (Paramount+) 316
Ginger tries to save the school's marching band which leads her to being in her own band and competing in a competition.
57 "Ten Chairs" November 24, 2004 Nicktoons 2004.svg 317
Ginger decides to give the last open chair at the Thanksgiving table to her father, Jonas, which doesn't sit well with Carl. Carl and Hoodsey purchase a turkey so they can set it free.
58-59-60 "The Wedding Frame" November 23, 2004 (DVD and VHS releases)
January 12, 2021 (Paramount+)
Someone is trying to sabotage Lois and Dr. Dave's wedding, which Ginger is planning, by hiring Nikki Laport to play the role of Dr. Dave's old girlfriend. Ginger begins to rethink her relationship with Orion and her old one with Darren. Carl and Hoodsey investigate the situation with Lois' wedding while Noelle does the same, on a much more accurate track.

NOTE: This episode was released in the United States on The Wedding Frame VHS and DVD on November 23, 2004.