"Babies in Toyland" is an hour-length special that serves as the 161st and 162nd episodes of Rugrats, and also the third Christmas-themed episode of the series. It was originally released as a direct-to-video special on September 24, 2002, before airing on YTV and Nickelodeon on December 12th of the same year. The episode's title is a reference to that of the operetta Babes in Toyland.


For Dil's first Christmas, the babies and their families take a trip to a winter wonderland designed by Stu, complete with a mechanical snow-making machine and Santa. Angelica confronts the actor playing him and acts so obnoxious that it causes him to quit, while Tommy and the gang try to save the day. Meanwhile, Stu's snow making machine malfunctions and causes the adults to get trapped inside a makeshift log cabin.


  • This episode has three official episode numbers -- "158" is for part 1, "159" is for part 2, and "991" is for the special as a whole.
  • In the episode's description on the back of the box for the Rugrats: Christmas VHS, it mentions that Christmasland "could finally put Pickles on the map." This is the first and only time Stu's business is referred to as a website.
  • Tommy got his first camera in this episode (though in All Grown Up!, it is revealed he first used it at age 32 months).
  • The Santa actor whom Angelica drives away would later reappear as a mall Santa (this time voiced by Glenn Shadix) in the All Grown Up! episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas".

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Christmas
  • Nick Jr. Holiday
  • NickToons Christmas
  • Rugrats: Holiday Celebration
  • Rugrats: The Best of Season 9
  • Rugrats: Season 9


Voice actor Character
Cheryl Chase Angelica Pickles
E.G. Daily Tommy Pickles
Nancy Cartwright Chuckie Finster
Kath Soucie Phil and Lil DeVille
Betty DeVille
Dionne Quan Kimi Watanabe-Finster
Fidgety kid #1
Tara Strong Dil Pickles
Crying boy
Melanie Chartoff Didi Pickles
Jack Riley Stu Pickles
Michael Bell Chas Finster
Drew Pickles
Julia Kato Kira Watanabe-Finster
Debbie Reynolds Lulu Pickles
Joe Alaskey Lou Pickles
Real Santa
Tress MacNeille Charlotte Pickles
Fidgety kid #2
Phil Proctor Howard DeVille
Paul Reubens Hermie
Jim Belushi Park Santa
Paul Williams Train conductor
Walkie-talkie elf
Lauren Wood Prancy
Fidgety kid #3
Casey Simpson Pioneer woman
Michael Stanton Pioneer man
Gregg Marx Caroler
Quartet singer
Melissa Fahn
Diane Pershing
Didi Conn
David Jeremiah
Samantha Alexa Macisso
Stephen Reed
Jim Thornton
Other carolers
Mick Murray
Barry Pearl
Stephen Reed
Other quartet singers

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