"Back to the Norm" is the first segment of the 65th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Denzel Crocker plots another elaborate attempt to witness Timmy's fairies at work but setting up a crystal baby doll stuck in a tree conveniently across from his house. However, his mother Dolores barges in to inform him of the lava lamp his Uncle Albert sent back, causing Crocker to miss Timmy uses a magic escalator to save the doll.

After shoving his mother out of his room, Crock decides to take out his frustrations by rubbing the lamp, freeing Norm the Genie.

Upon learning that Crocker knows Timmy, he joins forces with him to get revenge. Therefore, Norm helps grant Crocker's wishes to create an elaborate death trap for Timmy. Just as Crocker was about to use up his third wish after wishing up some girders and concrete, Norm tells him that he can simply wish for more wishes. After doing so, Crocker sets up his trap, which is a monument to Timmy shaped like two Fs joined together, called the Arc de Failure. The plan is to blow it up and have the debris fall on Timmy. After that, they can pry his fairies from his dead hands. Just Timmy gets into position, Crocker pushes down on the detonator, only for the monument to fall on him. As he recovers, Norm tries suggesting to Crocker that he simply wish Timmy to Mars, where there's no air. However, Crocker stubbornly refuses to, stating that Timmy must be destroyed on Earth so he can get his fairies.

He then wishes for a giant boulder on top of Dimmsdale Gulch and magical painting skills, so he could paint an image of Trixie Tang standing with two ice cream cones in her hands in front of a tunnel on a stone wall. Norm guesses that the plan is for Timmy to crash into the painting, thereby creating vibrations that will bring the boulder crashing down on him; Norm predicts the plan will fail. As Timmy is riding by, Crocker weakly tries impersonating Trixie. But amazingly, not only does Timmy fall for the trick, but the painting of Trixie comes to life and jumps on his bike through the tunnel. Confused about this Wile E. Coyote-esque fail, Crocker attempts to run into the painting, only to stop, not willing to fall for that. But he has another of his spasms, causing him to slam into the painting, and the boulder falls on him.

On the third try, Norm sets up an elaborate trap that will have the Domino effect of getting feathers glued to Timmy and sending him into a chicken restaurant, to be cooked in a vat of hot spices. Yet again, the easy way out of wishing Turner to Mars is ignored; Norm also questions if Crocker's ear is on his neck rather than his head. Noticing that Norm failed to place roller skates on Timmy's doorstep, Crocker goes out to place them himself. But his night-vision goggles are attracted by the giant magnet, causing Crocker to experience another self-foil, as he winds up in the restaurant, receiving a number of burns and allergies to the various spices meant for Turner.

Returning to his classroom at Dimmsdale Elementary, Crocker reveals that he has countless more crazy plans to take down Timmy, which could forever keep Norm attached to the raving lunatic he now calls "master." Crocker then notices that Norm has gone.

In Timmy's house, the ten-year old boy is commenting what a good day it has been, when Norm turns up, declaring that he will have his revenge. His fairies stand up to defend him, only for Norm to explain that he really wants to get revenge on Crocker, who was so blinded by his insanity, he refused to listen to Norm, who had the perfect plan to eliminate Turner. After "arranging for Timmy to take possession of his lamp", he makes a suggestion to his "new master."

The scene then cuts to Mars, where Crocker is suffocating from the lack of air. Norm and Timmy are watching from afar, while the latter is holding a pizza with his space suit's claw. Norm then asks Timmy how he's going to use up his last two wishes and offers to fix Timmy's teeth.

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