"Band Geeks" is the second segment of the 35th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Squidward gets a call from his very successful high school classmate, Squilliam Fancyson, who has succeeded in everything that Squidward failed in. Squilliam states that he has become the leader of a band who are supposed to perform at the Bubble Bowl, but since he is going to be busy at the time, he sarcastically suggests that Squidward should get his band to perform instead. Squidward defiantly says that he does have a band and accepts the offer. Realizing what he's getting himself into, Squidward puts fliers all over town, asking for people to join his marching band, ultimately recruiting almost all of the other major characters.

On the first night of rehearsals, Squidward brings his rented instruments to practice hall and finds that none of his prospective bandmates have any musical experience. Squidward attempts to teach them all the basics, but the band performs consistently bad, and Sandy and Patrick get into a fight. Later, when they practicing a march, two flag twirlers spin flags so hard that they fly into the air and crash into a blimp, killing both of them in a fiery explosion.

The last day of rehearsals turns into a disaster. A major fight ensues when the band members insult each other, leaving Squidward to grieve over his failure. When the clock hits 10:00 PM, they stop fighting and begin to leave, but Squidward stops them and tells them that he is disappointed in them for letting him down, and leaves dejectedly. SpongeBob feels ashamed of what they all did, so he takes command of the band and tells everyone that should give it one more try for Squidward's sake.


On the day of the show, Squidward arrives at the Bubble Bowl to go announce that his band had to cancel, but finds that Squilliam has shown up just to watch him be humiliated. Squidward tries to get out of it by saying that his band died in a marching accident, but SpongeBob and the others show up right behind and he is forced to go through with the performance. Squidward turns his head away from the band before they begin, assuming that the performance will be a disaster, but to his surprise, the band is successful, playing a powerful rock ballad. Squilliam goes into a state of shock from seeing this and faints, leaving Squidward to celebrate his "Sweet Victory".


  • The footage of the football game is from a USFL game at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, home of the Memphis Showboats. Crowd members can be seen wearing Tampa Bay Bandits jerseys as well.
  • "Sweet Victory" was performed by David Glen Eisley of the 1980s heavy metal band, Giuffria.
  • When everyone in the room is conversing indistinguishably, SpongeBob and Patrick are sitting next to each other. However, when Patrick asks if mayonnaise is an instrument, he is sitting next to Sandy. The only way this is possible is if SpongeBob was next to Patrick on his other side, but when Mr. Krabs asks when they get the free food, Sandy is on one side of the room (viewers' left) in the front row and SpongeBob is on the other side (viewers' right) in the center row.
  • Squidward leaves the Rec center for the final time, saying "I'll tell them you just died in a marching accident." Actually, two of the flag twirlers die after spinning too hard, causing them to fly into the air until they crash into a blimp. Right after, "Taps" is played in Memoriam of the two as all bow their heads, except Squidward, who just collapses to the street.
  • In this episode, it's revealed that Larry suffered heart failure from too many tanning pills.
  • Nicktoons in the UK aired the "Sweet Victory" scene on a continuous loop for a few days after Telewest decided to include them in their cable packages again.
  • The song that Squidward's band wanted to play was "Love Rollercoaster" by the Ohio Players.
  • Throughout the scenes of the rehearsals, people have been playing different instruments. For example, SpongeBob (on the first day) played the drums. Then (on day four) he played the trumpet. Also, Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff on the first day played the concertina (Mr. Krabs) and the clarinet (Mrs. Puff). On the fourth day, they both played the cymbals.
  • When Squidward asks the brass section to repeat after him, Pearl is seen with a saxophone. Although it is a woodwind instrument, it is often placed with the brass in marching bands. This is because the part for the tenor saxophone is usually shared with a euphonium or baritone.
  • In the Bahasa Malaysia version of this episode, the narrator went 'mute' when the title cards show up, as did the sports announcer when the band appeared at the stadium.
  • One of the flag twirlers who died on Day 2 appears on Day 4 saying "Hey, class is over."
  • In the beginning of the episode, when Squilliam calls Squidward, Squilliam tells Squidward that he is busy, and can't make it. But, at the end of the episode, Squilliam shows up to watch Squidward humiliate himself.
  • Just before the clock struck 10:00, Patrick kicks Sandy again, and she runs after him, but when the scene from the clock turning 10:00, there is another man trying to beat up Sandy and Patrick was off the scene, but when everyone was leaving, he was with someone else.

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