"Barbeque Story" is the first segment of the second episode of Rugrats.


Tommy has received his favorite toy in the whole wide world: a ball. Angelica, always looking to spoil the Rugrats' fun, takes the ball and tosses it into the next yard, resulting in the babies risking life and limb looking for it.


  • Chuckie's dad, Chas, makes his first appearance.
  • This episode is set on Independence Day, which would make this the first Rugrats episode to be set on a holiday.
  • While Stu is filming the party, three unknown characters are seen talking. They are never seen again for the rest of the episode.
  • Future episodes show that the other two backyards the babies visit would have been those of the DeVille's and the Finster's. In this episode, however, they clearly belong to very different neighbors.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Season 1
  • Rugrats: Outdoor Shenanigans!

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