Betty Quinlan is a supporting character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. She is a student at Lindbergh Elementary School and Nick's female counterpart, whom Jimmy has a crush on for most of the series, though she does not seem to return the favor. As a result of Jimmy's crush on her and how talented and pretty she is, she and Cindy do not get along well. She enjoys performing in front of an audience. While Betty likes Jimmy and is flattered by his affections, she doesn't return his feelings because she knows he belongs with Cindy and is fully supportive of him and Cindy being together.


Betty is a pretty girl who is usually seen wearing a pink dress. She is relatively slim, with dark brown hair, and white layers of clothing.


  • In an episode planned for the show's unproduced fourth season, Betty, Cindy and Libby would've gotten trapped in Jimmy's lab and would have to work together to escape. Cindy would've opened up to Betty and the two would've finally become friends.


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