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Big Daddy Fairywinkle is a Mafia garbage boss who is Wanda and Blonda's father, Poof’s maternal grandfather and Cosmo’s father-in-law on The Fairly OddParents. His first appearance was in the episode Talkin' Trash when Timmy’s house is affected by “Stinky Magic” when he finds out what Wanda has been doing after she married Cosmo he orders her to come back home to Fairy World. Soon in the episode he decided to save The Turners from the “Stinky Magic”.

In his final appearance "Big Wanda", Big Daddy gets kidnapped by a unidentified source and Big Daddy's workers contact Wanda to run the family business until Big Daddy is found. Meanwhile, Timmy and Cosmo do some detective work to find Big Daddy. They go to Big Daddy's competitors businesses to find out if they took him but they have no luck. Later in the episode it's revealed that Mama Cosma was the kidnapper and found out that she and Big Daddy have something in common, they hate the person their kids married. Big Daddy is free to go only to find that Wanda has made drastic changes to the family business.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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