"Big Time Christmas" is a special hour-length Christmas episode of Big Time Rush.


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Big Time Rush want to have a very good Christmas this year, and they are trying to get to sing with celebrities so they can get back to Minnesota. Gustavo wants to have a vacation to Fiji.

Katie and Mrs. Knight try to pack up to get back to Minnesota. But suddenly Griffin showed up at the studio and order BTR and Gustavo to make a Holiday Bundle or EP for their album. So BTR and Gustavo have to finish their new songs on time so that they could catch their flights.

After the first song was finished, Griffin orders them to make the other 2 songs to be celebrity duets. BTR finally are able to sing with Miranda Cosgrove and then Snoop Dogg. But when they're going to the airport, news hit that the Minnesota airport was closed due to a snow storm.

Mr. Bitters is not feeling very much Christmas joy, much less spreading it. So Katie determines to teach him about Christmas cheer, which includes inviting him over to their apartment for an It's a Wonderful Life marathon.

At the end, BTR, Mrs. Knight, and Katie stayed in LA and celebrated Christmas with Mr. Bitters and then joined by Gustavo and Kelly who missed their flight.

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