Biggie Cheese is a character from the Barnyard franchise. He only appears in the 2006 film. In the movie, he sings the song "Mr. Boomtastic" by Shaggy.


Biggie Cheese is a fat black mouse who wears a red beanie hat, dark shades, and a golden necklace with a cheese shaped pendant.


In November 2016, over a decade after Barnyard was released, Biggie Cheese became the subject of numerous memes and video remixes. He is often ironically portrayed as a very influential artist.[1] Many memes associate him with Otis and the hand puppets from Oobi, which is also a Nickelodeon show.[2]

Barnyard: The Movie

When the camera zooms in, it shows him singing the same song and dancing. as he kept on singing, Biggie Cheese then licks his tongue in which the animal audience laughs. After that, then he soon leaves and he is never seen throughout the whole film.


  • Biggie Cheese is a parody of the late rapper Biggie Smalls.


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