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Bikini Bottom is an underwater city that serves as the main setting of SpongeBob SquarePants. Located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, it is where the series' main characters live, and where most of the episodes take place.

Bikini Bottom is similar to an average American city. Moreover, Bikini Bottom is very similar to Los Angeles, California, in that it can be described as a large, crowded and smoggy city, as seen in the episode, "Chimps Ahoy". This is true indeed, because the episodes present Bikini Bottom in a way of showing a large amount of buildings, especially in the downtown area, just a in Los Angeles.

Bikini Bottom consists of various businesses, including restaurants, stores, and manufacturers. This city has a stable economy, a balanced education and health systems, a structured government, and a less than competent law enforcement system. There are even stadiums, amusement parks, and other recreational facilities.



Bikini Bottom is located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, next to its signature island, Bikini Atoll, according to Stephen Hillenburg. One time, when Sandy evacuated to Texas, she was seen flying east from the Pacific Ocean.[1] In the Employee of the Month computer game, a fish mentions that Bikini Bottom is located in the Pacific Ocean. In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, when SpongeBob was singing the "Goofy Goober Rock", the camera rose out of the water into outer space; when it did, it came out of the Pacific Ocean.


The city is divided into various districts, including Downtown Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, Sand Mountain, Jellyfish Fields, Kelp Forest, the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard, Residents' Row (SpongeBob's / Patrick's / Squidward's homes),[2] Make Out Reef, Ancient Mariner Valley (the location of Neptune's Paradise.)[3] and Palm Bay. The city is divided by the main road, Conch Street, which runs from downtown and past the homes of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick, through the Krusty Krab, the Chum Bucket and the Reef Theatre cinema. The road intersects with Barnacle Road and Coral Avenue. Anchor Way is not far off from Conch Street.

Towns and cities near Bikini Bottom (within driving distance or close enough to be included in local news) include Rock Bottom, Bass Vegas (city similar to Las Vegas, Nevada), Ukulele Bottom, Atlantis (King Neptune's residence), Leisure Village, Tentacle Acres (aka Squidville - Octopi only), Palm Bay and Bottoms Up/Waverly Hills (a wealthy district on the cliffs of the Kelp Forest), plus Bikini Atoll on the surface. Shell City (also on the surface) is six days away however through a long and dangerous route beyond The County Line (the boundary of Bikini Bottom).

The County Line is the boundary of Bikini Bottom, and in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game, it is very close to downtown Bikini Bottom. This is very fitting, given that it serves as the northernmost district of Bikini Bottom, according to the SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom video game.

In every episode in which the skyline of Bikini Bottom is shown, features such as buildings, houses, and even a large anchor (likely Mr. Krabs' house) can be seen. In earlier episodes of the series a red flower arch can be seen, which now no longer appears in the skyline. The Sea Needle, which is the tallest point in Bikini Bottom, is oddly never seen in the skyline. The Sea Needle appears in the episode "Pre-Hibernation" and in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, where it is shown just outside of downtown Bikini Bottom. In some episodes, a Lighthouse appears in the skyline, most likely Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Other episodes feature the Krusty Krab's Marquee. A large fan shaped structure, most likely a rudder from a ship, is seen in some episodes.


Since Bikini Bottom is in the Pacific Ocean below Bikini Atoll, Bikini Bottom could have a sunny subtropical climate, despite receiving rain and snow from the nearby icebergs and having their own ski resort which sometimes receives snow. The clouds are shaped like flowers (most likely an arbitrary comparison to undersea algae).



The population of Bikini Bottom is uncertain; however, the creator of the show, Stephen Hillenburg, confirmed that Bikini Bottom is a large city. Before almost leaving the city, Sandy Cheeks sang a song about the city, describing it as "Crowded and Smoggy,"[4] which is the characteristics of Los Angeles. However, the physical look and feel of Bikini Bottom suggests that it is in fact a much smaller city. However, in Patty Hype, A one-time Pretty Patties joint created by SpongeBob, attracted 46,853 customers. Almost everyone from the city is there, which may suggest a population of around 47,000.[5]


Bikini Bottom's populace, like that of the rest of the series, consists of various anthropomorphic fish, whales, crabs, sponges, octopi, starfish, anchovy|anchovies, lobster, sharks, and most other forms of sea life, including sea monsters. Some forms of sea life, like jellyfish, seahorses, snails, and worms aren't sentient however, and are treated like pets or wild animals; an example of this is SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary. The first known land creature to live in Bikini Bottom was before the 12th century (Bikini Bottom was then known as Bikini Bottomshire) was the Dark Knight, an ancestor of Sandy Cheeks. Sandy herself, a squirrel from Texas, is the only land creature seen living in modern Bikini Bottom.

"Animals" in Bikini Bottom are similar to those "animals" in the real world. Some are treated as pets, while others live in the wild.


A majority of "animals" live in the wild. First and foremost, Jellyfish are similar to bees. There are many types of jellyfish that live in Bikini Bottom. Pink are the most common, blue are uncommon, green are rare, purple are very rare and only one albino jellyfish exists. White and orange jellyfish are seen in the Lights, Camera, PANTS! video game. Jellyfish reside mainly in Jellyfish Fields, which has a population of four million jellyfish. They make and live in hives, another similarity to real-world bees. In earlier episodes, jellyfish were plain pink, but later on, more jellyfish began to appear with spots, but plain pink ones still exist. Jellyfish are similar to cows in that they can be "milked" for their fresh jellyfish jelly.

Scallops are similar to birds. They are usually found in groups at Goo Lagoon in groups, particularly acting as seagulls. Scallops are usually orange or purple.

Seaslugs were seen in the video game, SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge!; they are known to dislike everyone.

Sea horses, which are similar to horses, can be ridden and are very interested in food.

the Alaskan Bull-Worm which is a large, omnivorous worm that attacked various parts of Bikini Bottom in its sleep in "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm". It would eventually go on to destroy the entire city.

Sea Urchins, which are small "bug-like" creatures that, when bitten by them, cause a lot of itching (a possible similarity to Fire ants or mosquitoes).

Nematoads are wormlike creatures that travel in groups and consume common objects by eating or drinking them. In "Home Sweet Pineapple", they destroy SpongeBob's house by sucking the pineapple juice out of it.

Other "animals" are treated as pets. Two well-known "pets" are snails and worms. Snails are the similarity to cats, and are common as pets but they are known to lurk in alleys and forests. Gary is one of them. Worms are similar to dogs, which are also common as pets.



Bikini Bottom's government, although uncertain, are set up just as they would be in the real world. Three different types of governments rule over Bikini Bottom: Monarch, Republic, and Totalitarian (although temporarily).

The earliest known monarch existed in the Medieval era, before the 12th century. King Krabs ruled over Bikini Bottomshire in this time, and his daughter, Princess Pearl, was the heir to the throne.[6] Not much is known until the present time, in which King Neptune governs over the sea and punishes anyone who steals his crown. He lives in his own castle at Atlantis, and his castle itself, is very close to the Bikini Bottom city limits.[7] His daughter, Princess Mindy, is princess of the sea, and will be Queen of the Sea someday.[7]

Bikini Bottom's known Republic form of government contains two known positions. The Mayor, (Whose name is uncertain), has been known to open unfinished bridges and present the Great Snail Race. Bikini Bottom has a President, whom is elected by the residents of Bikini Bottom. Squidward ran for president, but was revealed to be the President of "The Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge".[8]

After initiating his evil Plan Z, Plankton brought Bikini Bottom's populace into slavery, renaming it Planktopolis, and becoming a dictator. He created a Totalitarian form of government. By then, Plankton ruled the city as King Neptune was too busy worrying about his "thinning" hair and both the mayor and president was presumably under Plankton's control. However, SpongeBob and Patrick soon put a stop to this and Plankton was ultimately arrested for his actions. Control was then restored to the president of Bikini Bottom, the mayor of Bikini Bottom, and King Neptune.[7]


These are some of the laws in Bikini Bottom, which are similar to that of United States laws, against the following actions: stealing, Parking in a No Parking Zone, Parking next to a fire hydrant, Littering,[9] Driving Blindfolded, public nudity, and others.

Bikini Bottom has a courthouse, in which trials take place, like any American city court, except there was no prosecutor. The only known trial is "Krabs vs. Plankton", in which Plankton sued Mr. Krabs for falling on the Krusty Krab floor when there was no wet floor sign. Plankton sued for everything of what Mr. Krabs had. The trial was headed by Judge Stickleback, and due to a fall, defendant Eugene Krabs' lawyer was unable to defend and SpongeBob became Mr. Krabs' new lawyer. The trial resulted in a victory for the defendant.


The public education system in Bikini Bottom consists of three schools which are Bikini Bottom Elementary, Bikini Bottom School and Bikini Bottom High (which features prom night in the gym). There are two schools which cater for driver's education. Those boating schools are run by Mrs. Puff (who is the major boating school teacher in Bikini Bottom) and Mrs. Flounder (who runs classes on Monday mornings). The best boating instructor, according to Mr. Fitz (The Superintendent) is Sam, with his boot-camp like school. There are two colleges in Bikini Bottom, they are Bikini Bottom Community College (where Patrick Star and Flatts the Flounder once attended) and Bikini Bottom University. Alternatively, adults attend the Adult Learning Centre (where Squidward was temporarily an art teacher) in Bikini Bottom.


Bikini Bottom has a wide arrange of different transportation systems. As in the real world, roads and highways serve Bikini Bottom buses, taxis, and boats. (boats are the underwater equivalent of cars) An airport is run in Bikini Bottom as well as a lighthouse at Goo Lagoon helps ships who are traveling at night to see.

Bikini Bottom's main road is Conch Street. Conch Street runs from SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward's houses; past the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket; and stretches as far as downtown Bikini Bottom. It intersects with Coral Avenue, which is located in Downtown Bikini Bottom. A series of highways run just on the outskirts of the city and just in the middle of downtown, a thruway is present. A road leads from Atlantis to Bikini Bottom, as seen in the SpongeBob SqaurePants Movie. Another road leads from Bikini Bottom to Rock Bottom which goes past the Glove World Theme park. An interesting feature of this road is that for a distance it runs straight down a cliff. The only ways up from the bottom are by bus or with a balloon. Other roads include Albatross Avenue, Anchor Way (Mr. Krabs' street), Barnacle Road, Doofus Drive, Seashell Street, Shallow Grave Road, and Stormy Way.

The name of the city bus service is Snailways. This bus service stops at almost anywhere in Bikini Bottom and beyond (much like a Greyhound Bus).[10] Sandy Cheeks mentioned in a deleted scene of the recent movie that buses run from Shell City to Bikini Bottom, although SpongeBob and Patrick took alternative transport by riding David Hasselhoff.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game, when SpongeBob and Patrick are sliding through the second part of the desert, Princess Mindy mentions that this was once a railway track, probably closed due to dangerous terrain.

In "Once Bitten", it is revealed that a railway called The Bluebell Railway (similar to the real-life Bluebell Railway) runs in Bikini Bottom. It is also revealed in "The New Leaf" that there is another railway called the Tallymar Railway (Parodies of the real-life Talyllyn Railway and its fictional counterpart the Skarloey Railway) that had Ten Locomotives just like the real-life Talyllyn Railway, but later got 4 more.

On of these new engines is Emperor. He had been abandoned for 30 years when the first railway he worked on closed down due to a flood problem that came from the mines. He was later found when Patrick accidentally fell through the roof of his shed. He also saved Mrs. Puffs husband when he accidentally tripped over her sprinklers while Jellyfishing which made them turn on. This is seen in Obsession.


Bikini Bottom has its fair share of criminals such as Plankton and the Tattletale Strangler. Mr. Krabs has been known to steal, or "borrow" as he calls it.[11] Mrs. Puff or Squidward are always blamed for the crimes actually committed by SpongeBob and/or Patrick and are either arrested or fined to do community service. At one point, a bomb exploded in the Krusty Krab, blowing a hole in the rear of the building. The bomb itself, which had the total energy of a nuclear bomb [12] had been made in a factory, according to the pirates who sold it to Squidward. There is also the punishment of execution by King Neptune, such as if his crown is stolen.[7] Bikini Bottom has two prisons: The Institution for the Criminally Tiny and Bikini Bottom Jail for everyone else. The underwater city has its own courthouse, headed by a female, fish judge. The Bikini Bottom Police Department is a reasonably fair organization, despite arresting citizens for no real reason whatsoever, and has been known to imprison SpongeBob and Patrick for their crime of stealing balloons and then releasing them to tell the two that it was National Free Balloon Day.[11]


There is little known about the economy in Bikini Bottom, however the currency is based on the U.S. Dollar. However, there is one bank, First Nautical Bank,[13] in which checking and savings accounts are used. There is a credit card company, called Master-Carp, a parody of Mastercard. The level of commerce in Bikini Bottom is high. There are thriving stores, restaurants, recreational facilities, and even a 3-story mall.[14]


The healthcare in Bikini Bottom is uncertain; however, the Bikini Bottom Hospital has been able to cure or have a cure for any patient, with the exception of food poisoning. Many different sicknesses have been cured, such as the Suds, car accident recovery, cash-coma, and others. Health Insurance is used, and was mentioned by Mrs. Puff. Additionally, SpongeBob was recommended by a physician at the Bikini Bottom Hospital, the Doctorfish,to be admitted into Weenie-Hut General, which is a hospital for weenies. The Bikini Bottom's healthcare system also applies to pets and even objects. A Vet Hospital is located on Counch Street, where the Doctorfish is also a veternarien. Ambulances usually appear the moment someone gets hurt, which can be indicative of good healthcare.


The history of Bikini Bottom can be traced back to the early prehistoric era. While time-traveling, Squidward accidentally made his way to this era, and inadvertently invented the sport of jellyfishing.[15] Years later, in a more advanced prehistoric time, SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog (the ancestors of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward, respectively) discovered fire, as seen in the episode "SpongeBob B.C."

In the Medieval Era, (before the 12th century) Bikini Bottomshire (Medieval name for Bikini Bottom) was under the rule of King Krabs (ancestor of Eugene H. Krabs) and was under attack by the evil wizard, Planktonamor (ancestor of Sheldon J. Plankton). SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star were transported to this time after a jousting accident. However, they were expected to arrive in this era because they were the "prophecy." According to Princess Pearl, "the prophecy" was that they (SpongeBob and Patrick) were the ones to save the kingdom. Princess Pearl (daughter of King Krabs) was kidnapped by Planktonamor's fire-breathing jellyfish, and taken hostage at Planktonamor's tower. Fulfilling the prophecy, SpongeBob and Patrick saved princess Pearl and defeated Planktonamor. Later, during a parade while celebrating SpongeBob and Patrick's heroic deeds, King Krabs invented the Krabby Patty, which would be passed down through the Krabs family, and the formula being kept secret.[6]

The modern era is very quite similar to the real world, in that sporting events began, as well as the establishment of businesses, and the growth of the city. In the early 20th century, about 1902, a sporting event called the "Great Snail Race" was started, and Lightning Larry Luciano won the first race. However, not much more information about the Great Snail Race is known, until 102 years later. Around the 1920s and 1930s, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy were born. Mermaid Man first used his utility belt around 1937. From there on, he used his belt to protect Bikini Bottom from evil. He would later join with Barnacle Boy to fight crime together.

On November 30, 1942, Eugene H. Krabs was born.[16] In his childhood, he immediently became a financial genius like he is known today. In 1947, his father gave him a dollar, in which he loved so much; however he spent it on a soda, which was upsetting to him. Not long after, a war occurred, in which the events are unknown. After the war, Mr. Krabs fell into a deep depression, which seemed endless; however, a bankrupt retirement home, the Rusty Krab, gave him hope. Mr. Krabs decided to buy the building, rename it, marking the establishment of the Krusty Krab. A famine in 1959 wiped out the chum crops, causing Mr. Krabs to give his employees a break. It is unknown how the rivalry with Mr. Krabs and Sheldon J. Plankton began, but it was about 1977 when Plankton first tried to steal the secret formula. Mr. Krabs and Plankton competed against each other in the Fry Cook Games, which started around 1981. Mr. Krabs won gold one year for lifting two barrels of pickles. Plankton won the onion ring routine another year.

SpongeBob SquarePants was born on July 14, 1986. In his early childhood, he received Gary as a pet, and Patrick as a friend. He attended school, and one of his teachers was Mrs. Shell. Sandy Cheeks arrived in Bikini Bottom around 1998. Her mission was to do science experiments, in her treedome. She brought Christmas to Bikini Bottom, and it was Squidward who saw it through.[17] About 2001, in the 21st annual Fry Cook Games, Mr. Krabs and Plankton were represented by their loyal fry cooks for the first time since they first competed against each other. SpongeBob SquarePants for the Krusty Krab and Patrick Star for the Chum Bucket. Around 2002, Mr. Krabs and Plankton celebrated 25 years of their rivalry. Plankton acquired help from his family, which was eventually foiled by Mr. Krabs. The 102nd running of the snail occurred about 2003. Lighting Larry Luncino, still living, lit the torch of good sportsmanship, and the games began. The race resulted in Rocky (Owned by Patrick Star) winning.

In 2000, while trying to hide from SpongeBob and Patrick, Squidward froze in the Krusty Krab freezer, staying there for 2000 years, but eventually coming back. Years later, Mr. Krabs opened a second restaurant, called the "Krusty Krab 2." Plankton initiated his evil Plan Z, and stole King Neptune's Crown, there by framing Mr. Krabs. He was frozen because of this; however, SpongeBob and Patrick set out toward Shell City to retrieve Neptune's crown, and then saved the day.

In 4000, Squidward was unfrozen from the freezer, and found out that Bikini Bottom was technolozed and painted entirely of chrome. He used a time machine, but accidentally went back too far, to the early prehistoric era.

In the next eternity, Squidward and SpongeBob are still alive, working at the Krusty Krab as skeletons.


The culture of the city is a caricature of contemporary American culture.

Arts/Entertainment give Bikini Bottom a better outlook on knowledge, creativity, and socialism. Bikini Bottom houses two museums: The Fry Cook Museum[18] and the Fish Hook Museum.[19] There is the Bubble Bowl, a music hall, a convention hall, Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat (for the kids), Weenie Hut Jr., Super Weenie Hut Jr., and the Salty Spitoon club (for strong people only), the Thug Tug and Tough Tavern bars (for tough men only) and The Reef Theatre (cinema). The Krusty Krab houses entertainment with shows such as the Annual Squidward Tentacles Talent Show (featuring the unpopular Squidward Live segment), The Komedy Krab and "The Nude Pranksters," which featured an unclothed SpongeBob and Patrick.

Bikini Bottom has many forms of Media. News, magazines, radio, and television contribute to Bikini Bottom's wide spread of news and entertainment.

News - The city paper is called the Bikini Times. It features the regular news, as well as daily comics. One of the comics is called The Wisenheimers. There is another newspaper that is called the Bikini Bottom Inquirer, which is a possible parody of the National Inquirer.

Magazines - There are two science magazines called Fake Science Monthly and Boring Science Digest. Another magazine is called Fancy Living Digest. There is another magazine that is called Long, Tan and Handsome. There are two dance magazines:Dance Now and Interpretive Dance Quarterly. Another magazine is Frown Digest.[20] Other magazines include Lobster Home Journal, Jellyfish Weekly, Urchin Weekly, Octopolian, and CarpNews.

Radio - There are three radio stations in Bikini Bottom, which are called KRUD (the best "you-won't-get-away-with-stealing-my-car" hits), KRUM (top 40 music)[21] and KOLD (K-Old, your all-oldies station).

Television - It is unknown how many television stations there are in Bikini Bottom but we do know that there are programs such as Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy and The New Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy cartoons, Bikini Bottom News (a television newcast anchored by Perch Perkins), Retirement House Girls Gone Wild (as mentioned by the Realistic Fish Head in a news update in the video game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom), The Rockfish Files (a TV show watched by Larry the Lobster, as mentioned in Battle for Bikini Bottom) and the list goes on. It is known that there is a separate channel featuring somebody playing the Goofy Goober guitar (as featured on SpongeBob's TV in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie computer game), a kids station (featuring cartoons), a sports station (football was only seen), a science channel, and a boxing channel (both featuring boxes, seen in the episode "Idiot Box").

The main Religion in Bikini Bottom is uncertain; however, the citizens of Bikini Bottom worship the Roman god Neptune. The movie shows this, and there is evidence in the episodes. There are phrases such as "Oh Neptune!", "Neptune's gentle creatures", and "Where in the name of Neptune". However, Sandy may be Christian since she is a land critter from Texas and she brought Christmas down to Bikini Bottom (even though Santa Claus did not come and Squidward had to give away everything but his new clarinet instead).[17] In the episode, "Enemy In-Law," Mr. Krabs is shown stealing a hat from a church. It could be argued, however, that since none of the residents of Bikini Bottom are humans, that there is no belief system there.


It is most likely that in Bikini Bottom, most of the citizens enjoy American football. As SpongeBob frequently watches the sport on his spare time, and that Squidward had dreams of becoming a Wide Receiver. Sporting events occur in Bikini Bottom, such as The Fry Cook Games (parody of the Olympic Games), The Great Snail Race, and the Anchor Toss Competition.

The Fry Cook Games

The Fry Cook Games - Every year Bikini Bottom has The Fry Cook Games (an obvious spoof of the Olympic Games but with fast food). The Fry Cook Games are held at Bikini Bottom's Fast Food Coliseum. The first annual competition was held in 1980. Mr. Krabs and Plankton went head to head against each other until the 21st Fry Cook Games in 2001. There, the Krusty Krab was represented by SpongeBob SquarePants, and the Chum Bucket was represented by Patrick. In the 21st Fry Cook Games, there were 8 events. The tie breaker was bun wrestling. The winner was never determined.[22]

The Great Snail Race

The Great Snail Race - The Great Snail Race is an annual race between snails at Oyster Stadium, which is located in the Bikini Bottom Zoo. At the pre-game ceremony, of the 102nd Running of the Snail, Lightning Larry Luciano (The winner of the first race) lights the Torch of Good Sportsmanship (although very slowly). After the torch is lit, the games begin. The first snail to make it across the finish line, wins. The result of the 102nd race ended with Rocky (won by default, owned by Patrick, actually a rock) in first place, Snellie (owned by Squidward) in second place, and Gary (disqualified, owned by SpongeBob) in last place, disqualified due to the coach running on to the race track. However, Patrick had the trophy engraved to Squidward (with his surname misspelled as "Tortellini"), because he had wanted to win very badly.[23]

Anchor Toss Competition

Anchor Toss Competition - The Anchor Toss Competition is a contest of strong ocean dwellers tossing an anchor on a 510+ yard field. The anchor is considerably huge, and a referee goes and measures the distance between the tosser and the anchor, but is constantly hit by it. Possibly, an average toss is around 300 yd. SpongeBob was part of the contest, along with Sandy, Don the Whale, and Larry the Lobster.


Jellyfishing is one of the most popular sports in Bikini Bottom. The best place to jellyfish is Jellyfish Fields, located on the outskirts of downtown Bikini Bottom. Typically, when jellyfishing you need a Jellyfish Net and Jars. Glasses are recommended for safety, according to SpongeBob. The Main Jellyfishers in Bikini Bottom are SpongeBob and Patrick, although Squidward,[24] Plankton,[25] and Sandy Cheeks[26] have gone jellyfishing before. A Jellyfisher's covention center called the Biannual Jellyfishers Convention, is held in Ukulele Bottom.[27] In the Jellyfishers Convention Centre, there are displays including the State-Of-The-Art Jellyfish nets display and the Harpoon from “Jellyfish: The Movie”. At the convention famous jellyfishers set up displays to discuss their jellyfishing experiences. Such as: Dr. Manowar, who was stung by Big Lenny and Lived; and the Jelly Spotters; their leader, Kevin the Sea Cucumber who was eventually kicked out, and SpongeBob took over until he turned them down.[28] Jellyfishing has a lot of history to it. The inventor of the sport, is Squidward Tentacles, who invented jellyfishing during an accidental time travel.[15] He taught a primitive sponge and starfish how to jellyfish, because they were torching themselves with it.

In "Ugh", cave drawings of a sponge jellyfishing can be seen in SpongeGar's pineapple. In medieval times, the jellyfish net is modernized, in the episode, "Dunces and Dragons". Jellyfishing continues to be a popular hobby in the present times as well as into the 41st century.

Bubble Blowing

Bubble blowing is another hobby in Bikini bottom. But the only bubble blowers known are SpongeBob and Patrick, although Squidward has blown bubbles before.[29] SpongeBob once set up a Bubblestand and charged 25 cents for bubble blowing; 25 cents for lessons. There is a special technique to bubble blowing: "First go like this, spin around. Stop. Double take 3 times: 1, 2, 3. Then, PELVIC THRUST. Stop on your right foot, DON'T FORGET IT. Then bring it around town. Then you do this, then this, and this, then this, then that, then this and that." Some awkward shapes of bubbles include an elephant (Patrick: It's a Giraffe!), butterflies, worms, among others.


Volleyball - Just like the real sport. In Bikini Bottom, volleyball is played at Goo Lagoon.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting - is very popular at Goo Lagoon. There are even weight lifting competitions at Goo Lagoon. SpongeBob even has a small fitness center at his house. However, instead of weights, SpongeBob uses stuffed animals (rabbits) as weights. SpongeBob has used a stick with two marshmallows attached to it.


Swimming - is a very popular sport at Goo Lagoon. There are small circular pools elsewhere in the city.


Karate is a popular sport for SpongeBob and Sandy. Some karate moves include the Double Overhand Squirrel Knot and the Squirrel and the Tin Cans.


Bikini Bottom has its share of holidays. It has three main holidays, like that in the real world: Valentine's Day (February 14); Halloween (October 31); and Christmas (December 25). Two minor holidays are celebrated in Bikini Bottom, which humans know of. These are Opposite Day (January 25) and Leif Ericson Day (October 9). Other holidays are not known in the real world, but are known in Bikini Bottom: Annoy Squidward Day (January 15), Annual Free Day, National Free Balloon Day, and Starfish Day.

There are popular events that take place in Bikini Bottom. Most of these events take place at Goo Lagoon. Such events include the Anchor Toss Competition, Hotdog Chug Contest, Sand Castle Competition, Surfing Competition, and the Weight Lifting Competition. An Art Contest occurs at the Bikini Bottom Art Society. Sporting events such as the Great Snail Race takes place at Oyster Stadium; the Fry Cook Games take place at the Fast Food Coliseum. The Bubble Bowl, a musical event in which the Bikini Bottom Super Band plays at takes place in a human Football Stadium. Bikini Bottom has a carnival, as well as an annual Scavenger Hunt, in which SpongeBob has one three times in a row.


Main article: List of places in Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom contains most of the features and landmarks found in a typical American city, though presented in an aquatic style; the citizens, for instance, drive wheeled boats instead of cars. Additionally, buildings in Bikini Bottom often resemble aquatic items such as wooden ships and anchors. Most of Bikini Bottom's citizens live in simple gray, cylindrical houses. However, the homes of the series' main and supporting characters tend to be more distinctive. Water ways, such as rivers and lakes in which the citizens fish and swim in, are in the form of goo instead of water.

Other Time Periods

Basic Prehistoric Era

Basic prehistoric Bikini Bottom appeared in "SB-129". Features a jungle area, and tall grass.

Advanced Prehistoric Era

Advanced prehistoric Bikini Bottom appeared in "Ugh". The water is very murky. A jungled area features tall grass and trees with vines. Only three known structures exist: SpongeGar's Ancient Pineapple (contains a bed on the floor, with a rock on a bone shelf as an alarm clock. A cave painting of SpongeGar jellyfishing is on the wall); Squog's Ancient Easter Island Head (A key is required to get inside); Patar's Ancient Rock.

Medieval Times

Medieval Bikini Bottom appeared in "Dunces and Dragons". The water has a different coloration.

  • King Krabs' castle - the castle (Looks like the Krusty Krab, but is white) where King Krabs and Princess Pearl reside. Contains a large dungeon area and a throne room with a guillotine, and the prophecy wall above the throne.
  • Planktonamor's tower - the tower where the evil wizard Planktonamor and his wife, Karen the Crystal Ball, live. Contains a spiral staircase.
  • Village - the main village area. Contains schools, hospitals, a hotel and the following:
  • Ye Old Bowling Alley
  • Ye Old Olde Folks Home
  • Farmland - farmland spread out over the kingdom.
41st Century

In 41st Century Bikini Bottom, everything is painted with chrome.[15] The future Krusty Krab was seen, which contains a normal kitchen, only everything is chrome. A can opener room (down hall and to the left) and a Time Machine (down hall and to the right) are featured as well. The Time Machine is actually pink and green with a Tiffany-style light fixture, and has a lever labeled "past" and "future," with a key and three buttons to the right.

Space-Time Continuum

The Space-Time Continuum features squares and mysterious voices with a blank white background; running here will take back to where you started, as inspired by The Matrix.[15]


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