William Richard "Billy" West (born April 16, 1952) is an American voice actor, singer, comedian, musician and former radio personality who is best known for his voice-work on The Ren & Stimpy Show, Doug and Futurama, voicing multiple main characters on all three shows.

On Ren & Stimpy, he was originally only the voice of Stimpy J. Cat. When series creator John Kricfalusi, who voiced Ren Höek, was fired after various disputes with the network, West took over the role of Ren and Mr. Horse for the remainder of the Nickelodeon run. From the same series, West would voice the Shaven Yak in the video game Nicktoons MLB, released in 2011. Coincidentally, his successor as Stimpy, Eric Bauza, who voiced the character for Ren & Stimpy: "Adult Party Cartoon", reprised the role for the same video game. (It is unknown why West did not voice Stimpy or Ren in that game.)

On Doug, he most prominently voiced the main character Doug Funnie and the bully Roger Klotz. However, he refused to reprise the roles when the series was revived by Disney, and thus Doug and Roger would instead be voiced by Tom McHugh and Chris Phillips, respectively. West did, however, voice Doug one last time in a bumper for the 1996 Nonstop Nicktoons Weekend marathon that aired after Disney's Doug premiered.

He also voiced Rancid Rabbit and Cornelius Sunshine on CatDog. He was even the voice of Zim in the unaired Invader Zim pilot. His most recent recurring role in a Nickelodeon production was as the voice of Principal Razinski on My Life as a Teenage Robot.

West voiced the character Moobeard in Moobeard the Cow Pirate, a short animation featured on Random! Cartoons.

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