"BlackJack" is the third segment of the 94th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob receives a note from his cousin BlackJack, saying that he has been released from prison and is going to pay SpongeBob's parents a "visit". Grandma Squarepants soon appears and tells him that BlackJack had recently called her.

SpongeBob seeks help from his uncle, Captain Blue SquarePants, a retired police captain. SpongeBob goes in to confront his foe and save his parents, but it is revealed that his parents were never in any danger, and that they are holding a party for BlackJack to celebrate his release. They explain to SpongeBob that BlackJack has renounced his "criminal" ways of littering, and that their house was closed off due to a krill infestation. BlackJack then enters the room, still intent on beating up SpongeBob, but SpongeBob is now prepared to stand up for himself. As BlackJack charges at SpongeBob, it is revealed that BlackJack is no bigger than SpongeBob's foot, and that he cannot any harm whatsoever.


  • This is the second appearance of SpongeBob's grandmother, who first appeared in "Grandma's Kisses".
  • SpongeBob's father's first name is revealed to be Harold.
  • Comcast originally listed this episode as "In Search of Ma and Pa Sponge". This was corrected in 2009.
  • 346 minutes is equal to 5 hours and 46 minutes. The writers most likely wrote it out this way to make it sound longer.
  • SpongeBob's face deflates just like Squidward's did at the end of "Squid's Day Off".
  • In the episode, the pineapple in which SpongeBob lives in was just referred to as "The Pineapple, Bikini Bottom".
  • When SpongeBob builds the fence, he builds it all around Captain Blue SquarePants' house, but when he drives SpongeBob to BlackJack's house, the fence has an opening.
  • When Uncle Captain Blue drives SpongeBob to BlackJack's house (who lives next door), the fence SpongeBob built earlier in the episode is brown, instead of white. BlackJack's house is not seen when he builds the fence however
  • The return address that has been covered by saliva can be made out as "BlackJack, 133 Coral (?), Bikini Bottom".
  • The door knocker on BlackJack's house has a hand attached to it with a bone sticking out. This hand resembles SpongeBob's hand.
  • Uncle Captain Blue's boat is drivable in SpongeBob's Boating Bash.
  • Blackjack speaks in a manner similar to that of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
  • Blackjack being sent to jail over littering makes sense, as the Bikini Bottom police treat littering very seriously: in Summer Job, Mrs. Puff was sentenced to 2,529 days of prison just for littering, and in Driven to Tears, even though Patrick commits several moving violations, yet he's only charged with littering.

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  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 5, Volume 2
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 5th Season

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