Blockblister was a sketch on the sketch comedy, The Amanda Show. It appeared in seasons 1-2.



The sketch involved a family of foreigners who ran a video rental store. Customers would return their videos and complain that the movie they received was not the one listed on the box. One of the clerks would correct the customer saying they mispronounced the title (example: Vhantom Menance instead of Phantom Menance). The customer would hand them the movie and ask them to watch it for themselves. The movie would play and show Blinny and Biscotti standing in front of a backdrop, acting out the roles in the movie themselves. The customer would then complain saying this isn't the movie they're asking for, and the family replies that it is "much better". The customer would refuse to pay and end up either storming off, being chased out of the store, or forced to pay.


  • The following movies were mentioned in the skits: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Wizard Oz, Stuart Little, X-Men.