David466 David466 8 days ago

Les meilleurs programmes de Nickelodeon US (2010-15)

  • Planet Sheen [2010-12]
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! [2010-11]
  • Les Wonder Choux [2010-11]
  • Papa bricole [2010-12]
  • True Jackson [2010-12]
  • Super Bizz ! [2010-12]
  • Ni Hao, Kai-Lan [2010-11]
  • Hot in Cleveland [2010-15]
  • Blaze et les Monster Machines [2014-15]
  • La Vie de famille [2010-12]
  • L'Apprentie Maman [2013-15]
  • T.U.F.F Puppy [2010-15]
  • La Légende de Korra [2012-14]
  • Les Aventures de Jimmy Neutron, un garçon génial [2010-12]
  • Drake & Josh [2010-14]
  • Victorious [2010-15]
  • Dora l'exploratrice [2010-15]
  • Big Time Rush [2010-14]
  • Mes parrains sont magiques [2010-15]
  • iCarly [2010-15]
  • Les Razmoket [2010-15]
  • Avatar, le dernier maître de l'air [2010-15]
  • Bob l'éponge [2010-15]
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Nickj523 II Nickj523 II 24 days ago

Rugrats All Grown Up New Season

Season 6 2023-2024

Season 7 2024-2025

Season 8 2025-2026

Season 9 2026-2027

Season 10 2027-2028

Season 11 2028-2029

New Season More Future...

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Nickj523 II Nickj523 II 24 days ago

Adult Animation

  • 1 21st Century Fox
  • 2 New Nickelodeon Adult Animation
  • 3 HBS Max
  • 4 TBS Channel
  • 5 Adult Cartoon

The Simpsons

Family Guy

Bob Bogther

The Cleveland Show

young Futurama

Close Enogugh

American Dad

Space Fianl

Drawn Togther

South Park

Rick and Marty

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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 27 days ago

About the vandalism issue

Hi everyone, so, as far as some of you guys may know, our wiki got vandalized by someone since Thursday, we have taken care of the problem and banned him.

The vandal also attacked the following wikis:

  • Dora the Explorer Wiki
  • Blue's Clues Wiki

Please, we beg you not to create anything on here that you could use to harm certain pages and mess them up. We, staff here, and everyone else, are not responsible for any damage created onto this wiki. You, are responsible for your own damages if you come here to break the rules and create chaos. We don't want that happening.

Anyways, we have protected the pages that the vandal used to change the original pages on their respective pages in order to have anybody (that includes the vandal), to not create any…

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Loudgirl564 Loudgirl564 13 May


my first blog post on nickipedia fandom

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OttoTheHedghog OttoTheHedghog 6 May

El Tigre is airing

So this means that My life as a teenage robot and mighty b are coming back.

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Gianna4658 Gianna4658 1 May

color in art part 2

Color is one of the first things you notice in a painting. What would you remember most about this picture? The boat and it's passengers? Or the unexpected way that reds, oranges, yellows, and brown are used to paint a picture of water and sky? The scientist Sir Lsaac Newton (1642-1727) was the first person to discover that all color comes from light. He shone a beam of white light through a prism (a wedge- shaped piece of glass). The beam split into seven separate colors. Then he passed these seven colors through a second prism and they turned back into white light again. It proved Newton's idea that all light is made up of these colors. Later, in the 1800s, a group of artists called the Impressionists became fascinated by color and light…

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Gianna4658 Gianna4658 1 May

Color of art

Color plays an Important part in nature. Some birds are brightly colored to attract a mate. Many animals are colored to blend in with their surroundings so their enemies won. Artists use color to express their feelings, create moods, and make viewers react in a certain way. Two hundreds years ago, a scientist discovered that flowers are colored for a purpose and not just to look pretty. This sunflower is brilliant yellow so it attracts the bees that help to pollinate it. Bright colors especially red, green, and orange can be seen from a long way off so advertisers use them to attract our attention. Color helps us remember particular products, too. This red logo is recognized instantly all over the world. Some colors are special to a partic…

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Nod88rot Nod88rot 30 April

Dear Journal

Hello I’m Sekou I was 12 at the time and I was working at Nickelodeon for new Doug episodes and Nick wanted a Doug Spin off

more coming Soon...

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the idea is final

If you you checked out my last gnikcuf blog post i had an idea to make this a reception wiki its final we are shutting down the nickeloden wiki and turn this into a reception wiki!

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I have a big idea bigger then this kcid I have an idea to make this a reception wiki so dont be a dumbass kcufs other boys because em kcuf first lets do it on me

why i suck

  1. i swear too much in esrever
  2. i told an admin to delete my shut up page
  3. i like k pop
  4. i hate kids bop
  5. i make too many inappropriate references on a kids wiki! such as referencing aids thankfully its deleted
  6. i try to hard to be cool such as me vandalising
  7. im too mean to jemmeycreek
  8. i made this page
  9. i made this WHILE IM IN CLASS
  10. this idea
  11. no redeeming qulites whatsoever
  12. the infamous 9/11 incident was cause by me
  13. this is all a joke and a example
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LankyBoxyman LankyBoxyman 12 April


hello everyone

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FairlyOddFan947 FairlyOddFan947 9 April

Reasons Paw Patrol should be cancelled

This is just an Opinion I have.

Don't get mad at me if your a Paw Patrol Fan.

  1. Too many Characters
  2. Too many fans
  3. Horrible Charcters
  4. Too Popular
  5. Overated Characters
  6. Bad voice acting
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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 8 April

The Nick Jr Adventures Challenge!

  • 1 About
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Transcripts
    • 3.1 Blaze and AJ, Friendship Day Style Challenge
    • 3.2 Character Moments: Blaze and AJ
    • 3.3 The Best of the Nick Jr Adventures Challenge!

  1. Ally
  2. Brady
  3. Carlie
  4. Ryan
  5. Tristan
  6. Emma

(The short opens up to Brady and Ally sitting on the sofa.)

  • Brady: "Hey, Everyone! It's me, Brady!"
  • Ally: "And I'm Ally!"
  • Brady: "Today, we'll be talking about our Favorite Nick Jr Characters. One of my favorite characters has to be, Blaze, because, he's fast, awesome, persistent and always ready to go!"
  • Ally: "My Favorite is AJ, because, he's amazing, one of a kind and always there to ave fun with Blaze."
  • Brady: "Now, there's something that makes Blaze and AJ even more special. They're best friends."
  • Ally: "Oh boy! Now, that's what I call a never-ending friend…

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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 1 April

You can make anything out of the Nickelodeon logo

Here is a example

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Eric Bagwell Eric Bagwell 24 March


Lori2Leni is an upcoming American musical animated teen sitcom television series, which was aired on Nickelodeon. It was the second The Loud House spin off. Unlike The Loud House and The Casagrandes, the series set in the alternative continuity. The series follows the musical adventures of Lori and her sister Leni, living in the big magical city.

  • Lori Loud (voiced by Catherine Taber) is the 17-year-old teenage girl. Lori was the roommate of her younger sister Leni, as they lived in the apartment building. Lori wears white pearl earrings, a light blue shirt with puffy sleeves and white collar, a blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks and black Mary Jane shoes.
  • Leni Loud (voiced by Liliana Mumy) is the 16-year-old teenage girl. Leni is named after…

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Kiacopia Kiacopia 15 March

Continuity Errors in Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Since the release of Viacom's live-action "adaption", Dora and The Lost City of Gold, it has been praised by a lot fans and non-fan of the Dora the Explorer franchise but something is WAY off with the continuity.

Some fans may think the film is about the Dora Márquez they all know and loved, but here's wrong.

She seems to have been growing up in a house in a jungle (all her life) but what is this?

When she becomes a teen (in the film), her parents (who were normally possibly unemployed in the series and are somehow scientists, beefier, and middle aged) give her hints about what the city is like, showing that she is a very naive newcomer to the city and other place in the world although she has been to many places in the series (even the final spin…

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Jason French11 Jason French11 14 March

The Adventure of Jimmy Neutron (2021) (request, prototype, non-fanon)

"The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (2021)" is an animated series that was made as a follow-up to the theatrical motion picture The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. The series also animated by DNA Productions.

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Episodes
  • 4 production
  • 5 Reception
  • 6 Shorts

The show continues with new adventures with a 12-year old boy, Jimmy neutron. As the creator decided to make a returning of it.


Over the years, there have been many demands for a revival series. There is a Facebook group called "The Jimmy Neutron Revival Project", where fans make many petitions for Nickelodeon to bring Jimmy back for brand new audiences and new adventures. There was supposed to be a new season, but due to the failure of The Ant Bully, DNA Productions went out of busines…

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Nicklas347 Nicklas347 2 March


  • 2 Requirements!
  • 3 First come, First serve
  • 4 Links to Wikis

Hello, I am Nicklas347, and I am the founder/an admin of the Drama Club Wiki and Goldie's Oldies Wiki and I am looking for two experienced admins for both wikis.

  • Are to at least have a full bio on wiki
  • You Have To Be Experienced
  • You have to be an admin on another wiki
  • You have to contribute and make edits/be helpful to the wiki
  • you have to come to my message wall on the wiki you want and message me
  • You have to be active everyday!

Yes! It is first come first serve but I only need two admins for Drama Club and two admins and one bureaucrat for Goldie's Oldies!

  1. Drama Club Wiki - Click the link and message Nicklas347 here.
  2. Goldie's Oldies Wiki - Click the link and message Nicklas347 …

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 21 February

Fanfiction Articles

Is anyone on this wiki interested in writing fan-fiction articles for Nickelodeon shows?

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TheWBfan06 TheWBfan06 21 February

Miguzi (WarnerCBS AU)



April 19, 2004

  • Erin - Erin is a young human girl that visits the ship every day and is the only character that speaks comprehensibly.
  • Remo - Remo is a large walking remote control. He is seen in bumpers being smacked by the other characters in order to change the channel.
  • Bass - Bass is a walking Bass speaker. Though he does not talk, his personality still comes through. He is skittish and does not like change. After a while, a second Bass was found in a box in the basement and the two appeared in bumpers together. The original has a red band around its arm while the other has a blue band around its arm.
  • Tweet - Tweet is a very small walking tweeter. He is very brave and can often be found walking underfoot and getting into mischief…

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Brooklyn survivor Brooklyn survivor 2 February

join my kca sserver


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Jason French11 Jason French11 28 January

Abby Hatcher (Season 3), (Request, prototype, non-fanon, idea)

The third season was announced October 8th, 2020 (by Michael Grutsch Jr). It premiered on TBA.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Episodes
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Gallery

"In the third season of Abby Hatcher (produced by spin Master Entertainment with the help of Michael Grutsch Jr), Abby and her best friend Bozzly continue and explore their adventure. This time they meet and come across new fuzzlies, which also introduces new locations, people and gadgets. And a new full length episode "Abbys new Gear", and will face off her new rival "Gabby Catcher".

This season is currently in production.

Original air date
  • The fuzzlies that the season will introduce is Joe (also known as Joe Gardner), Bubbles, Fuzzbot, Felix, Norman, Bobby and Manuel.
    • The season also focuses and intruduces Abby's …

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SpringBunno87 SpringBunno87 10 January

...Odd BFDI Conspiracy

In BFB 7, Bottle is seen with Tree in her. But her hole is too big for Tree to climb in. So, maybe... BOTTLE ATE TREE?!?!? I know, it's strange but it might be true..?

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Eviesuperfan Eviesuperfan 30 December 2020

First Day On The Nick Wiki

I always make one of these to comemerate my first day, but I'm not really sure what to say here. I love the shows iCarley, VicTorious and basically anything Nickelodeon.

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Agency Pikachu Agency Pikachu 28 December 2020

The Loud House Movie

How many of you are exited for the loud house movie in 2021? 🎉

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OctonautsBiggestBiggestFan OctonautsBiggestBiggestFan 26 December 2020

Me into Nickelodeon!

I am now through my first Nick post!

Here is the character/book/show/video characters there:

Chief from TUFF Puppy

Lynn's Table

Spongebob Sweetpants

And More!!!! That is enough text.

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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 14 December 2020

Nickelodeon in a Nutshell

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Asssssssssssz Asssssssssssz 29 November 2020


i love everything nickelodeon from my childhood and everything nick from the shows etc

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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 25 November 2020

Check out this Wiki


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BubbleYT zero BubbleYT zero 24 November 2020



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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 24 November 2020

Nickelodeon Portrayed by Spongebob

We should do a Nickelodeon portrayed by Spongebob video. But I need your help with portraying some shows. I will list all the Nickelodeon shows that exist right now. We need the exact quote for each portrayal.

List of shows:

  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • Action League Now!
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
  • The Adventures of Kid Danger
  • All Grown Up!
  • The Angry Beavers
  • As Told by Ginger
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Back at the Barnyard
  • Breadwinners
  • Bunsen Is a Beast
  • The Casagrandes
  • CatDog
  • Catscratch
  • ChalkZone
  • Danny Phantom
  • Doug
  • El Tigre
  • Fanboy & Chum Chum
  • The Fairly OddParents
  • Glitch Techs
  • Harvey Beaks
  • Hey Arnold!
  • Invader Zim
  • It's Pony
  • KaBlam!
  • Kappa Mikey
  • Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
  • The Legend of Korra
  • The Loud House
  • Making Fiends
  • The Mighty B!
  • Monsters vs. Aliens
  • M…
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Invisible Hover Invisible Hover 19 November 2020

Nickelodeon Crossover Ideas

Here are a list of Crossovers I wished would've or hope will happen soon

  • 1 Ideas
  • 2 Great
  • 3 Possible
  • 4 Guesses


  • Hey Arnold!: It's Danny Phantom.

  • Danny Phantom and El Tigre.
  • Danny Phantom and the X's.
  • The Sponge Phantom

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
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RiverPompano150 RiverPompano150 17 November 2020

New Calender pages

We will be starting to make new pages with all days of the year and what happened on each day of each year.

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ComboPuppy ComboPuppy 4 November 2020

Editing Episodes

I've been working on the following pages on this wiki if you want to come help as well. Arnold's Halloween Anti-Sparky Ghost Story Downtown as Fruits

If you want to come help me, the links are above this text. Thank you!

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Mthefunguy1998 Mthefunguy1998 28 October 2020

Expanding SpongeBob SquarePants Universe is a bad idea

Hi everyone,

I think and feel that it's a bad idea and not suggested by fans because they oppose spinoffs that Hillenburg and Waller opposed in the 2000's. But there is and leading negative backlash from former and current fans including staff members of Nickelodeon. Here's a statement from the president of Nickelodeon:

“That’s our Marvel Universe,” said Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins at the time. “You have this amazing show that’s run for almost twenty years.”

I feel like Nickelodeon is taking this way too far and they tried to cancel spinoffs with petitions to persuade Nickelodeon to prevent ruining Hillenburg's legacy after an article paved his death back on December 2018. I feel like persuading to ViacomCBS to call out Nickelodeon t…

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WeareFanboyandChumChum WeareFanboyandChumChum 27 October 2020

What is wrong with Nickelodeon now

Hi. What is wrong with nick?

  • 1 1: Shows dropping like flys.
    • 1.1 2: Treating the creator of Harvey Beaks like yesterday's garbage.
    • 2.1 4: DAB! LOL! XD! MEMES!
  • 3 5: Making Feinds? More like, Making Trouble. Idk...
    • 3.1 6: Nick.com without games? 😢
  • 4 Overall:

Ok, Nickelodeon shows last a good time with a great amount of episodes...

IN THE 1990'S! shows like Fb and cc, Mighty B!, Tuff Puppy etc, only have 1 - 3 seasons.

The great creator of Harvey Beaks, (who also made Chowder) was treated badlu from Nickelodeon, alot of u already know why that is so, yeah.

The loud house is kinda over-loved, BUT Nickelodeon is releasing episodes so much, but spongebob? Nah. They are not.

So, can i say something?


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ComboPuppy ComboPuppy 16 October 2020

A Very Helga Halloween

Dear Nickipedia Blog,

I am finally deciding on the two-faced bully/lover of Arnold Shortman, the one, the only, Helga Pataki.

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Caunto Cantor Caunto Cantor 25 September 2020

Adventures in Wonder Park coming in October 2020

Adventures in Wonder Park they coming in October 2020.

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Brendachoi45 Brendachoi45 23 September 2020


Sheena is a character from hey arnold!

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Smv21 Smv21 21 September 2020

Top 5 Best and Worst Nickelodeon Shows

This list will go over which 5 shows on Nickelodeon I consider to be good and bad. I will be incluing shows that I have watched reruns over to know them better. Some shows I haven't watched all the way through, but I still want to put on this list. So let's get going.


  1. 5-Tak and the Power of JuJu: When the how began in August of 2007, I thought it started a bit well, but like so many other shows on Nick, my interest soon dimished. Tak started off as likable, but he soon proves to be similar to other arrogant main show characters like Allen Gregory, only more enjoyable. Lok is just another big, dumb strong guy that Patrick Warburton plays and the animation is kind of crappy. Now to address the elephant in the room, I only played one Tak…
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Susandowns1008 Susandowns1008 21 September 2020

Sandy cheeks

Sandy and spongebob getting married

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Susandowns1008 Susandowns1008 21 September 2020


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Susandowns1008 Susandowns1008 21 September 2020


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763492 is back 763492 is back 16 September 2020

List of company/franchise I would love to see if ViacomCBS/Nickelodeon would buy

Since VaicomCBS bought out TMNT, acquired back CBS, Garfield and as well as buying the Smurfs, here is my personal 5 list of companies in franchises that I’d love see if the company would by:

1. Bagdasarian Productions, the company that owns Alvin and the Chipmunks, that’s would makes sense since Nick currently airs the 2015 series.

2. Archie Comics, that company should be bought by any major company like ViacomCBS, like how Disney has Marvel and Warner has DC

3. Sony Entertainment, like how Disney bought out Fox. I’d love to see this happened if Sony would consider sell out its entertainment division, and most of his library, except the Spiderman films, only they need to drop the “Sony” name afterward.

4. WildBrain, a Canadian media company, …

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Achoi2119 Achoi2119 15 September 2020

The kid from school

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 15 September 2020

HELP WANTED: Starting New Wiki

I need help with a new wiki. 

Send me a message if you're interested.


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Spongeloud Spongeloud 12 September 2020

The Links To Two Petitions

I found two petitions for new Loud House episodes just about all of the Fandom would like. Here are the petitions if you would like to sign them:



The person who made these petitions apologizes for putting "Season 3" in the first petition's title; he made it when Season 3 just started and before they said it wrapped production

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Sheldon Lonsinger Sheldon Lonsinger 24 August 2020

Sky Rat and Modern Fairy Tales coming in 2021

Sky Rat and Modern Fairy Tales coming on San Diego Comic-Con 2021 in July 2021.

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