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Blues Clues and You [1] is an upcoming reboot of the original Blue's Clues series which was announced by Nickelodeon at its upfront presentation on March 6, 2018. According to Variety, twenty episodes have been ordered and filming is scheduled to begin in summer of 2019. The new host is Broadway actor, Joshua Dela Cruz.

Blue's Clues & You First Look Music Video

Blue's Clues & You First Look Music Video


Blue in the Reboot

Blue seen in the Reboot.

Nickelodeon Blue's Clues Reboot Teaser Image Like the original show, there will be a live-action host in an animated world. The reboot will feature all-new production design and animation. The visual style will remain true to the original, but the characters will be rendered in CGI, as depicted in a teaser image.

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