Boney is a dinosaur puppet who lives in Weinerville. He is a parody of Barney the dinosaur with a personality more akin to Oscar the Grouch, who tells kids stories in his cave then tells them all to leave. Boney was performed by Marc Weiner.


Boney is just a dinosaur skeleton who lives in a cave with orange hair, red sneakers, a black cap, and a bone dangling from his lip acting as a cigarette or toothpick. His trademark song, which he usually sang at the end of his segments, is "I'm Bo-ney, I'm Bo-ney, Leave me alone-y!!!!"


  • For the second Season, he got a complete rebuild, which that version of the puppet was reused for the specials and the new YouTube Channel.
  • During Hanukkah, he loves to eat Potato Pancakes.
  • As revealed in a 1995 Issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, Marc Weiner said that Boney is his favorite Weinerville puppet.
  • On Figure It Out, he once introduced Summer Sanders in a rotten way, upsetting her.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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