Hey_arnold!-_the_brainy_gag Brainy is a fictional character in Hey Arnold!


A geek and Helga's stalker who is usually knocked unconscious by Helga without Helga looking at him. He seems to be romantically attracted to her. In The Jungle Movie", he continues to stalk Helga though he ends up helping her by retrieving her locket and Arnold's torn up picture which Helga discarded in anger after Arnold had seemingly rejected her, giving the locket and the repaired picture back to Helga after the class had been captured by Lasombra. Having forgiven Arnold, Helga thanked Brainy by kissing him before rushing off much to his surprise and delight. Helga's locket would later play a key role in releasing the cure that cured Arnold's parents and the Green Eyes, which would not have been possible had Brainy not retrieved it for Helga.

He is usually seen wearing a golden shirt with a white collar and brown pants underneath. He has spiky hair, wears round glasses and is constantly smiling eerily. By far, the most distinguishing traits of Brainy are his trademark wheezing and deep voice.

In The Jungle Movie, Brainy appears to have grown a mustache.


Not very much is known about Brainy. He is a quiet, kind of creepy kid who stalks Helga around. It is confirmed that he does know about Helga's crazy romantic obsession for Arnold.

He is a very mysterious character often randomly showing up in places that are least expected whenever Helga is present, the most notable occasions being Haunted Train (in which, comically, he is the only character to witness the annual occurrence of the real haunted train) and Wheezin' Ed. This leads to one of the other kids asking him "What are you doing here?" to which he responds either with "Um...I dunno" or "Um...something?" Other than that, Brainy rarely speaks.

When on the bus he sits in the back with the rest of the geeks (EugeneSheena and Curly) as seen is "Rhonda's Glasses."


  • He has a very deep voice, wheezes noisily, and never talks in a completed sentence. He's voiced by the show's creator Craig Bartlett
  • He rarely appears except when Helga looks at her locket containing a picture of Arnold. Apparently Brainy hasn't told anybody else about Helga's crush on Arnold.
  • He has the same hairstyle as Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.


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