Brandon is one of the main characters in Winx Club. He is Stella's fiancé and the strongest member of the Specialists, a team of fighters from the Red Fountain college.


Brandon has tan skin and brown eyes. He has dark brown hair with sharp, angular bangs. His original casual outfit consists of a green sweater vest, a white collared shirt, a red ascot tie, green checkered pants, and reddish-brown loafer shoes. His original Red Fountain uniform is a navy blue, one-piece suit with yellow-white lining. He also wears a light blue cape connected with a green gem. His weapon of choice is a neon green phantoblade sword.


Brandon is the strongest and most outgoing of the Specialists. He cares about his appearance and always tries to dress sharply. He loves Stella very much and usually does not mind her selfish antics, probably because he has a bit of an ego himself. He is quite the charmer, with a personal record of flirting with 29 girls in one day.

Brandon is very brawny and has been Prince Sky's bodyguard for many years. When he first met Stella, his usually pompous demeanor gave way to nervousness, and he felt that Stella would only like him if he was royalty. Brandon pretended to be Prince Sky to impress her. When his ruse was revealed, Stella was upset that Brandon lied to her, but she did not mind that he was not royalty. She continued loving him anyway, and they became engaged later on in the series. biography

"Brandon has no problem fighting off evil, because he's the strongest of the Specialists. He's Sky's right-hand-man, and the perfect partner for taking down villains, showing off his incredible sword skills." —


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