Brass Knuckles is a hand-to-hand combat villain who has attempted to defeat the Crimson Chin in battle. He is a member of Body of Evil.


This character was introduced in a web short of Fairly Odd Parents when Timmy first faced the Body of Evil. He was defeated by the Crimson Chin in a 10-round wrestling match, but then combined with Copper Cranium, Gilded Arches, Bronze Kneecap and Iron Lung to become the Body of Evil mech, but was thwarted by Timmy making a last minute wish to become a new hero called The Heart of Gold. Later in "The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad!", he, along with the Bronze Kneecap, Titanium Toenail and Iron Lung were broken out of the Essential Crimson Chin comic book by the Nega-Chin, only to be beaten back by a combination of Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad and the Chins Across the Eras. His sole power is to punch through any material.


He is a guy in a brassish orange suit with brass knuckles on his hands. He also has boots and a giant K on his chest. It is revealed that he does not hit girls, which causes him to come off a sexist, much to Mighty Mom's dismay.


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