The Slumber Party

Bridget's Slumber Party is an All That sketch that featured three girls who were constantly having a slumber party:

  • Bridget (Chelsea), a boy-crazed teenage girl
  • Gail (Giovonnie), a perky girly goody-two shoes
  • and Claudia (Lisa), a frightening goth teenage girl

Strange things would often happen during the slumber party, usually due to Claudia's magic. Claudia would suggest doing a disgusting or weird thing and Bridget would say "do <disgusting thing> later!". Sometimes Bridget's little brother Elliot (Kyle) would interrupt the party, and the older girls would torture him, specifically Claudia. One example consisted of her whispering something into Elliot's ear, causing him to run away screaming and horrified by what she said. Whenever someone left the sketch, they would usually go out the window; this was mocked in one sketch featuring a pizza man.

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