Bud[1] Grouse (more commonly referred to as Mr. Grouse) is the Loud family's elderly, curmudgeonly next-door neighbor on The Loud House. As his surname would suggest, he is often annoyed by the noisy antics of the Louds, and sometimes appears to heckle them. He also hates it when the Louds' belongings end up in his yard and is known to confiscate said things as punishment. As annoying as he finds the Louds to be, though, he is willing to do favors for the family in exchange for Lynn Sr.'s homemade lasagna. In "11 Louds a Leapin'", it is revealed that Mr. Grouse is crabby because he, like the Loud kids, is from a rather big family himself, but they live far away and he is not easily able to visit them. When the Louds and the McBrides helped him, he became kinder and gave back the stuff he stole from them.



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