Buhdeuce is a short, round duck who is SwaySway's best friend and navigator in bread delivery. Buhdeuce is depicted as scatterbrained and inattentive. His signature moves are his "booty kick", where he kicks with his rear end, and "six-pack punch", where a fist comes out of his chest and punches. Buhdeuce's catchphrases are "Yep! Yep!" and "Aw, bubble nuggets!".


"Buhdeuce is SwaySway’s loyal co-pilot and best bud. He’s a klutzy little duck who just wants to be the best BREADWINNER he can be! He’s got a lot of heart, but not a lot of experience, so it’s a good thing he has SwaySway to help show him the ropes…and help tie his shoes…and help butter his toast. He might be small, but never underestimate the power of his BOOTY KICK! This duck can take on any QUAZY adventure, as long as he's got his bud SwaySway by his side."


Buhdeuce wears a red cap, has green feathers, blonde hair, and an orange beak. He is short and round and wears black shoes, red shorts and a white collared shirt.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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