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Bunsen is the titular main protagonist of the Nicktoon Bunsen Is a Beast. He is the first beast to attend a human school and the best friend of Mikey Munroe, a human student who helps him "fit in".


Bunsen is a wild, loud, wacky, fun-loving and enthusiastic spirit and tries to do anything and is striving to do anything as he wishes. He's best friends with Mikey, and enemies with Amanda. Due to his cheerful, optimistic, energetic, playful, hyperactive, mirthful, peppy, and zany personality, Mikey and he remain together as chums. When Amanda tries to kiss him in episode #3, his hunky figure wore out. He just doesn't have time for girlfriends. He has an uncle name Funcle, and every time he hears the question "what time is it" he shouted "IT's FUNCLE TIME!!!!" alongside with his aunt. When he gets stung by a bee he became a talented speller by mostly pulling word out of a magic hat. He loves to go on field trips especially the museum. He also loves ice-cream and most of all he loves to have fun!!!

Physical appearance

Bunsen is a blue monster, with a square shaped body. He has a blue head, a light blue stripe on his chest, a turquoise stripe on his stomach, and has white fur on his underparts. He also has a large pink mouth and an overbite. Bunsen has pink arms and legs. He has a tuff of hair on his head, which is the headspout he eats and sometimes drinks from. He has two short purple horns on his head which are prehensile, and large yellow eyes. He has a short blue tail with 3 purple spikes on it.


Bunsen and Mikey as they appear in the pilot.

Bunsen and Mikey are inseparable friends and traveling companions, roaming across the world together. They know each other very well and are accepting of each other's strengths and weaknesses, each going out to help the other. Their relationship could possibly be seen as brotherly; as they always look out for each other and help each other out. Mikey is very loyal to Bunsen as Bunsen is to Mikey, and they can be seen hanging out with each other most of the time.

Amanda Killman

Bunsen and Amanda Killman first met in "Bunsen Is a Beast". Bunsen believes Amanda to be his friend (despite Amanda's clear dislike of him).


Bunsen and Darcy are good friends.



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