Butterbean Hailey: Fairy is the main protagonist of Butterbean's Café and Boss of the Company. She open up a Restaurant, partnership with her best-friends.

Society: Mix Relations:From Animainian's: Surface Habitat Animals: humanoid: (Enchantimal /Animachantimal's:) providing service for community and her neighbours.

{About The Anima-chatimal's:} Their Humanoid: instead of hands, Feet, hearing listening Ears: they have paws, Hoofs, Claw's, Animal Accutive listening High Toned Pitch Ears, and heighten senses of the nose).

The Problem: Ms. Marmalady once was the only business competition in the neighbourhood around. No one else challenged her. Through advertisement; before public Roomer spread. Ms. Marmalady tries to Drive Butterbean out from her Zone business, ownership. The Monkey's were employed deployed as spies.

Butterbean: Fairy; works with her best friends and Boss:

Cricket: Fairy; Chief in Training and Butterbean's little Sister:

Poppy Daisy Flower: Fairy; Chief, Baker, and Cook:

Dazzle Liya Stem: Fairy: Great Memory: and Cashier

Managerial Informationist: Data Sheet Filer, Accountant and Register Host, Manuel Safety Reader: W. H.I.S: Work Hazardous Information Systems, M.S.D.S: also Material System Data Sheet.

Sanitizer Water Test strips: Amber Green, not so Light or too Dark: 6:70 to 6:50 Fahrenheit no Lower: in cold Water.

Fridge 10 degrees Celsius Room Temperature:

Freezer: O to Minis -10 Degrees Celsius Chill cold:

Jasper Matthew Flash Lee: Nympth: Velocity Speedy Wings

Shipper Produce Receiver, Product Carrier Deliver,

and Takeout Order Parking Lot/ Driver's Service Host: and

Chief in Training. Window Drive Through is another Story:


Butterbean uses her Computer Screen Tablet: Select, Divides: Each Key Ingredient to what Recipes she is about to make. My advice: Enlargen the Food Manual so the public could see each pattern Layers, that might be tried at home.


Each is Given a gift:

Butterbean: Uses a Whisk, she takes from the Locket Bean Box: To Open's up a surprise: Decorative Design Finishing touch. A Box that has been found by Cricket.

Poppy: A Spatula,

Dazzle: a magical Pen:

Jasper: Velocity Speed Wings:

Cricket: Cake Passe Maker


One More Advice: What if Marmalady owns a Bake Shop? Rather than trying to ruining Butterbean's business she could become a business partner similar to StrawberryShortcake's, whatever Butterbean need's. The Problem: Butterbean Hailey's Publicity Campaign Advertisement; open new store got lost in the Heighten Breezy Wind. Marmalady and her staff tried to recover the A.D's, but the wind is too strong and the advertisement sails, float away from them. Butterbean teaches how to make Prep Preparation/ Chief Preparatory Recipes: Since the Layers is divided in parts: both sides could help each-other to gain Customers Respect.

"Let Get Cooking!"



"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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