Cap'n Turbot is a human character in the Nick Jr. series PAW Patrol. He is voiced by Canadian comedian Ron Pardo and debuted in the show's first episode, "Pups Make a Splash."


Cap'n Turbot is tall with fair skin and brown hair. His standard outfit consists of a red cap, a blue polo shirt, yellow suspenders and brown boots. He wears blue glasses of a square shape.


Cap'n Turbot is the most frequent caller of the PAW Patrol. He owns the Seal Island Lighthouse and a boat dubbed the Flounder. His favorite activities include spending time with the pups and studying the ocean. Cap'n Turbot is very clumsy, and this trait often causes him to mess things up and call the PAW Patrol for help. He is quick to panic in dangerous situations and often needs to be calmed down by Ryder and the others. Cap'n Turbot has a habit of speaking alliteratively and using complicated terms; the pups do not always understand him and sometimes need Ryder to translate for them.


  • Francois - Cap'n Turbot is very close with his cousin. Though Francois is rather self-centered, Cap'n Turbot sees him as a good friend and has saved him on numerous occasions. Despite this, the pair argues good-naturedly about almost everything.
  • Wally - Wally is Cap'n Turbot's best friend. Though he is a walrus, Wally is able to understand the captain and have conversations with him. Wally is shown to be the more quick-witted of the two.
  • The PAW Patrol - Cap'n Turbot loves nothing more than hanging out with the PAW Patrol. He is a friend to all of them and has even served as a member of the team.
  • Zuma - Zuma is often called upon by Ryder to help Cap'n Turbot, for he is a water pup. Cap'n Turbot thanks Zuma for saving him more than any of the other PAW Patrol members, and they have developed a close bond.
  • Mayor Goodway - Cap'n Turbot and Mayor Goodway are well-acquainted with each other and have formed a friendship. The mayor asks Cap'n Turbot to help her in several episodes (such as "Pups Save a Goodway" and "Pups Save a Chicken of the Sea").


  • Cap'n Turbot owns more vehicles than any of the other characters. He has a boat, a diving bell, an inflatable raft, a rowboat and a truck.
  • PAW Patrol News posted a photo of a Cap'n Turbot costume to Twitter in early 2015.
  • In "Pups Save a Tightrope Walker," Cap'n Turbot's boat can be seen colored green, while it is normally yellow and red.


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