"Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius" is the second segment of the 53rd episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Carl's pen pal, Elke Elkberg from Sweden, is coming to Retroville to meet him, and Carl is in a panic. Since she is a teen model and tennis star, he has been telling her that he is a boy genius, Jimmy is his lowly assistant and Sheen is a former monkey changed in a lab experiment – and it has made an impression on Elke. Desperate to keep her impressed, Carl begs Jimmy and Sheen to act in their new roles for the duration of Elke's visit. Unfortunately, Carl starts milking the moment by verbally abusing Jimmy and constantly almost gets everyone killed. The final straw is when he blasts him and Elke into space and Jimmy and Sheen have to rescue them.

When they land, Jimmy becomes fed up with Carl's ungratefulness, punches him in the face and is about to spill the beans. Before Jimmy can tell Elke the truth, Elke tells Carl she was lying all along and she's just a farm girl and loves llamas and feels she isn't worthy of Carl's time. Carl reveals he's been lying and loves llamas as well and Elke falls for him. She starts kissing Carl so many times and they then run off to see the new baby llama at the petting zoo, while Jimmy and Sheen wonder what just happened.


  • Pictures from "Send in the Clones", "Out, Darn Spotlight" and "The Mighty Wheezers" have cameos in this episode.
  • This is the second time Jimmy, Carl and Sheen fight over the same girl, the first time being "Foul Bull".
  • There were plans to bring Elke back for season four, in which she would've become part of the main gang. Unfortunately, since season four never happened, this episode marks her only appearance.
  • Carl forgot the names of Jimmy's inventions.
  • We learn that the kids are nearing their teen years.
  • When Jimmy and Carl are fighting after the crash, they appear to be the same height.
  • Ironically, Elke believed Carl when he was obviously lying and initially didn't believe him when he obviously being honest.
  • The title card is a playoff of the show's logo.
    • The orange llama on the title card is a reference to the orange rocket on the show’s logo.

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  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: The Best of Season 3

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