"Catman Meets the Crimson Chin" is the first segment of the 56th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Adam West was at the grocery store because for his special appearance but no one wants his autograph. Then a kid went by and he asked he wants his autograph. The kid said that he doesn't want the autograph. Then Mrs. Turner screamed and Adam West spring into action. It turns out that Mrs. Turner was screaming because she was angry about the high price for the cans. Then after that he was taken to the court and Timmy was his lawyer. He wished that Adam West was not guilty. POOF! Adam said Timmy I didn't knew how you did it I wish Timmy was here to see this. At Timmy's room he was playing a computer game of the Crimson Chin. Adam asked where could some people need his help. Then Cosmo and Wanda said how about the game in the computer? they said. So Timmy wished it and he had to knock out Adam West first with sleeping gas.They weer in the Crimson Chin world and when Catman wakes up he saw Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder. He saw the Crimson Chin. He asked if he could protect the city. The Crimson Chin said yes and he also said that he need a vacation. And he flew away. Few weeks later Catman was so loving his crime fighting jobs that he doesn't want to leave the comic world ever. Timmy said to Ace & Clefto but Cosmo and Wanda wasn't beside him instead Catman locked them in a cage with a password. Then the Crimson Chin blast from the sky. Later they were fighting each other but avast he was defeated. Everybody cheered and the Crimson Chin pack his bags and ask Timmy if he has 25 cents and 5 cents. Timmy said that he looses his crime fighting spirits and he quits. He went to the Crimson Chin cave and he said to him self a secret password,Then Cosmo and Wanda were free. Timmy wished that they were back at the real world but the magic didn't affect it. Wanda said that he is loving his job. Cosmo suggested Big Mechanical Dog. It did and Catman is scared of dogs. Then the Crimson Chin came in and said they will work as a team. The episode then cuts to a car that Dogzilla steps on, crushing it underneath his foot, as Catman runs past Dogzilla. Dogzilla begins to chase Catman as the Crimson Chin throws a tree to get the dog's attention, Dogzilla then chases the tree out of Chincinnati, crushing the Chincinnati City sign. Everybody cheered and Catman really miss Dimmsdale and they went home.And back at the court,Timmy wished he is not guilty and after that they went outside, Catman wishes that Cleft was here to see this and Timmy has his mask on.

Home video releases

  • The Fairly OddParents: Scary GodParents
  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 4



  • According to "Da Rules" a fairy godparent cannot help their godchild win a contest. However, Timmy wishes that Adam West was not guilty, allowing him to win the case.

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