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The following is a list of episodes for the Nicktoon Catscratch. It originally ran for one season, spread across two years.

All episodes premiered on the main Nickelodeon network.


# Image Title Original air date (United States)
To the Moon Title.png
"To The Moon" July 9, 2005
Mr. Blik attempts to win a barbecue contest by going to the moon for moon rocks after Gordon tells him a story about Duke Earl Splee.
Bringin' Down The Mouse Title.png "Bringin' Down the Mouse" July 9, 2005
Mr. Blik won't let Waffle join him and Gordon on a ball, all because he never caught a mouse. A mouse named Squeakus tells Waffle that his brothers are mice.
Unicorn Club Title.png
"Unicorn Club" July 9, 2005
Gordon fibs to Kimberley telling her he possesses a unicorn. But the unicorn is really his brothers in a suit.
Go Gomez! Go Title.PNG "Go Gomez! Go!" July 9, 2005
The cats and the Chumpy Chump Brothers engage in a car race. The problem is that only Waffle is tall enough to drive.
Lovesick Title.png
"Lovesick" July 15, 2005
Gordon is allergic to a piece of broccoli Human Kimberley gives him.
King of All Root Beer Title.png "King of All Root Beer" July 15, 2005
The cats fights to be the king of root beer then turn giant at a parade.
Tale of the Tail Title.png
"Tale of the Tail" July 22, 2005
Gordon must defeat the kraken in order to wish for long normal tail.
Mr. Pickles Title.png "Mr. Pickles" July 22, 2005
After being dumped in pickle juice, Mr. Blik turns green and nobody listens to him anymore. So he becomes a hobo.
Off the Leash Title.png
"Off the Leash" July 29, 2005
Waffle runs away from home when nobody cares that he has a dog personality. He becomes friends with the dog Barkmeat and gets caught by the dogcatcher.
Slumber Party Title.png "Slumber Party" July 29, 2005
Kimberly buys all the root beer in the store for a sleepover party so the cats get inside Kimberly's party disguised as girls in order to get root beer for themselves at any cost.
The Ghost of Cramdilly Title.png
"The Ghost of Cramdilly" September 23, 2005
Hovis disguises as Mrs. Cramdilly and says that the fortune will be given to Hovis and the cats will be the servants, will the cats get the fortune back and defeat the "ghost"?
A Line in the Litterbox Title.png "A Line in the Litterbox" September 23, 2005
The cats divide the house in three parts; later, they engage in a war using various items from their 'kingdoms'.
Love Cats Title.png
"Love Cats" September 30, 2005
Mr. Blik falls in love with Kimberly when she insults him. Then he and Gordon fight for the love of Kimberly. When Blik gets hurt, Gordon thinks Kimberly has chosen Blik so he wants to escape to the stars.
Zombie Party a Go-Go Title.png "Zombie Party a Go-Go" September 30, 2005
When zombies arise from the graveyard of the dip that Waffle made, Mr. Blik mistakes the undead for a group of fancy people he invited for dinner.
Gordon's Lucky Claw Title.png
"Gordon's Lucky Claw" October 14, 2005
Gordon gets a lucky claw when he says that he's going on a trip to China. But Mr. Blik wants the claw for himself so he steals it. After having a fight with Waffle, Mr. Blik flushes the claw away when he says that the claw works for nobody. Then bad luck happens.
Big Eyed Bunny Title.png "Big-Eyed Bunny" October 14, 2005
When Kimberly gets a new best friend, Gordon becomes jealous and Mr. Blik accidentally kills Kimberly's bunny, or at least he thinks he does.
Requiem for a Cat Title.png
"Requiem for a Cat" November 18, 2005
Mr. Blik gets 24 hours to live and Gordon and Waffle try to run away from Mr. Blik but they find out the truth.
Scaredy Cat Title.png "Scaredy Cat" October 28, 2005
Gordon refuses to celebrate Halloween as the aliens mistake the cats' redecorated house as a mothership.
Hi Ho Kraken Title.png
"Hi Ho Kraken" February 3, 2006
The cats and the Kraken head to the Kraken Planet to regain Kraken's honor at any cost.
King of Clubs Title.png "King of Clubs" February 3, 2006
Mr. Blik tries to join a high society club. But Gordon and Waffle are accepted instead.
Life Savers Title.png
"Life Savers" February 17, 2006
Mr. Blik saves Gordon's life, making him (Gordon) serve him.
Mecha Kitties Title.png "Mecha Kitties" February 17, 2006
Mr. Blik invents Mecha-Kitties but things go unexpectedly wrong.
My Bodyguards Title.png
"My Bodyguards" March 3, 2006
In order to not get into a fight with the alley cat, Blik gets the Chumpy Chumps's help. But there too helpful.
Charge! Title.png "Charge!" March 3, 2006
When sliding down from the slide, Blik becomes charged with static electricity. But he doesn't know that the static electricity attracts to anything metal, and so he gets stuck to it.
A Wooly Adventure Title.png
"A Wooly Adventure" March 24, 2006
After a heatwave, an iceberg thaws, and a woolly mammoth springs forth and the mammoth thinks he's Blik's son!
EVIL Title.png "EVIL" March 24, 2006
Waffle becomes convinced that he's an evil genius and makes plans to take over the world.
Clan Destiny Title.png
"Clan Destiny" April 7, 2006
Mr. Blik and Waffle are dragged to Scotland in Gear by Gordon to prove that he is from The Highland Quid Clan. However, they find no evidence that he was once one of them, so Gordon is left in sadness. However, Waffle and Mr. Blik learn a Banshee haunts the Highland Quid Clan. Can Gordon somehow get rid of the banshee, or is this the end for him, the cats, and the Highland Quid Clan?
Mall-Adjusted Title.png "Mall Adjusted" April 7, 2006
Waffle bankrupts the cats after purchasing his favorite new toy: all the bubble-wrap in the world! The cats are kicked out of the mansion and Hovis and the newts are repossessed! With no money, the cats are forced to endure degradation in its worst of forms; working at the mall! Every time they go work at many of the stores in the mall, they always get fired. When another job that involves making root beer, the brothers take their energy into making root beer. A string of gigs leads to a series of destruction, chaos, and of course, firings. Just how will the cats get out of debt when they've got no skills? Maybe it's time for them to learn the true meaning of a hard day's work.
Two of a Kind Title.png
"Two of a Kind" May 5, 2006
As their families prepare for battle, Waffle befriends the Chumpy Chump brother known as Lunk. The two have a blast together! But when their kin find out, Waffle and Lunk’s friendship is banned! The two buddies decide they must run away, but when a disaster strikes their beloved brothers, only these two like-minded pals can save the day! Or can they?
Core-uption Title.png "Core-uption" May 5, 2006
Kimberly’s teacher fails her on her project: a model of the earth’s core, made of glitter, cotton candy, rainbows, and other pretty stuff. Seeing Kimberly upset, Gordon travels to the center of the earth, and tosses her project into the core! And the earth transforms! Clouds turn into cotton candy, unicorns roam freely, and it rains glitter! But as the cats soon learn, too much of a good thing can be really, really awful.
Katilda Title.png
"Katilda" June 2, 2006
Katilda’s the new cat in town, and, though Blik won’t admit it, she’s fascinating! With her charismatic leadership skills, Katilda soon has the cats following her into the woods to fight a terrifying monster. But when it appears that Katilda’s imagination may be a bit too active, will any of the cats be left to fight by her side?
The Secret Door Title.png "The Secret Door" June 2, 2006
Mr. Blik and Gordon can’t figure out why Waffle keeps disappearing, until they find out that Waffle has discovered a secret world hidden inside the mansion! A world where he’s become king! Unfortunately, Waffle finds out that being king has its price when the Dragon Rider forces Waffle into battle. Now, it’s King Waffle’s duty to defeat this evil menace and save his subjects! Suddenly they find out that the Dragon Rider is really Hovis!
Major Pepperidge Title.png
"Major Pepperidge" September 22, 2006
While preparing for his own “Blik parade,” Blik suddenly grows a second head! And the new head is not like Blik at all. He’s nice! Blik loathes him, but everyone else loves the new head and his sage advice. If Blik doesn’t want to be upstaged at his parade, he’ll have to rid himself of the pest growing out of his neck. The pest known as… Major Pepperidge!
Magic Staff Title.png "Magic Staff" September 22, 2006
After finding a staff that transforms the bearer into a hulking superman, the cats get selfish. They each want the powers of a hero, even if they don’t want to act like one. And when the guardian of the staff shows up to reclaim it, the cats must battle him to prove their worth! But do the cats really deserve such power?
Free Hovis Title.png
"Free Hovis" September 29, 2006
Through Waffle’s own ignorance, Hovis is accidentally transformed into a giant, talking fish and washed out to sea. Soon enough, a traveling aquarium captures the poor butler and puts him on display! Blik, Waffle and Gordon must track down the fishy side show and free their flippered butler.
Three Against Nature Title.png "Three Against Nature" September 29, 2006
Getting lost in the woods, an argument sends the cats down three different paths… alone! Luckily for Waffle, he becomes part of a fun hillbilly family! But when they capture Blik for dinner, the cats will have to put their differences aside and work together to escape!
Blikmail Title.png
"Blikmail" October 13, 2006
After Katilda teases Blik about his doll, he tries to get it back, but his brothers think it's a Scottish mind-controlling figure.
Love Jackal Title.png "Love Jackal" October 13, 2006
The cats forgot about Hovis' birthday again, they found out he was part of a band called Love Jackal. Soon Hovis regroups the band together and he would not need the cats any longer. When the cats reached their reunion concert, it turns out that they don't sound like what they once were, and Hovis realizes how much he hated being on the band.
Spindango Fundulation Title.png
"Spindango Fundulation" February 10, 2007
When Mr. Blik beats the uber-impossible videogame Spindango Fundulation, the cats are transported to an alien planet, where Mr. Blik must fight off evil invaders. The only problem is, the conniving kitty rigged the game so he'd win. What will Mr. Blik do now that the stakes are so high?
Duck and Cover Title.png "Duck and Cover" February 10, 2007
Gordon is afraid of ducks. Mr. Blik and Waffle set up a wrestling match for him. The duck gains the upper hand, then Gordon wins. In the end, Blik points out that he shouldn't feel too good, considering that it was just a duck.