The following is a list of episodes in the second season of ChalkZone, listed in production order.

For some reason, episodes 10 and 13 were never re-aired on NickToons.


# Image Title Original air date
7 Title-HoleInTheWall.png "Hole in the Wall" May 30, 2003
A moneymaker named Vinnie Raton gets into ChalkZone and decides to make "The Greatest Theme Park in the Universe".
2halfs.jpg "The Terrible Two-and-a-halfs" May 30, 2003
Rudy's 2-year-old cousin, Sophie McNilly, gets lost in ChalkZone with the Magic Chalk.
Supersnap.jpg "Super Hero Snap" May 30, 2003
After meeting the new superhero Generic Man, Snap questions his lack of superpowers because of his costume.
8 Disappearingact.jpg "Disappearing Act" June 6, 2003
Rudy volunteers for Reggie's Disappearing Act (a cabinet with a trapdoor) and escapes through the back into ChalkZone. Reggie, seeing an eraser where Rudy was, thinks he turned him into an eraser.
Portportal.jpg "Portable Portal" June 6, 2003
Rudy uses a portable chalkboard to talk to Snap while being chased by a strict art teacher named Miss Tweezer.
Title-SnapOnTour.jpg "Snap on Tour" June 6, 2003
Snap gives a tour of ChalkZone to new residents.
9 Wastemount.jpg "Waste Mountain" June 20, 2003
While working with his dad at the meat shop, Rudy is forced to take out the trash by using ChalkZone for storage, he dumps a bag of "Cheeseburger Smoothies" on top of the Magic Chalk Mine and he must race to retrieve it before it destroys the mine.
Madcapsnap.jpg "Madcap Snap" June 20, 2003
Rudy realizes that his fans are drawing Snaps with chalk, resulting in several Snap clones.
Title-WhatsMyLine.png "What's My Line?" June 20, 2003
Blocky questions the simplicity of his design.
10 Popbaloon.jpg "Pop Goes the Balloon" June 27, 2003
After Rudy discovered that he can't go to Hawaii with his parents because of the anniversary, Rudy goes to ChalkZone and accidentally causes the chalk versions of his parents to break up.
Snaphouse.jpg "Snap Builds His Dream House" June 27, 2003
Snap asks Rudy to make a dreamhouse with the magic chalk, but asks for too much, driving Rudy crazy.
Title-FireplugBallet.png "Fireplug Ballet" June 27, 2003
Snap and Queen Rapsheeba attend a ballet.
11 Heist101.jpg "The Heist" July 11, 2003
When Plainsville is voting to change the name of the town, Thor Throat (a famous wrestler) pays a surprise visit to host the event. While everyone is distracted by the event, Thor attempts to rob the town bank.
Title-BattleOfHands.png "Battle of the Hands" July 11, 2003
Rudy takes a magical piece of red chalk from a locked room in the Magic Chalk Mine, and the red chalk turns to be evil.
Title-ChocolateBrunch.jpg "Chocolate Brunch" July 11, 2003
Blocky and Snap find a couple of eggs out in the open.
"The Smooch" August 1, 2003
Rudy and the gang go to the Hahama's to see a special bird named The Smooch.

Note: This episode was not included on the Complete Series DVD due to music licensing issues.

Title-PowerPlay.png "Power Play" August 1, 2003
Rudy forgets to do a science project for the science fair and by using ChalkZone to create something, but he almost reveals ChalkZone to the outside world.
13 Title-PumpkinLove.jpg "Pumpkin Love" October 30, 2003
It's Halloween and Rudy made a Jill-o-lantern for the school Jack-o-lantern contest. In order to get past Reggie, Rudy goes through ChalkZone but before he can sneak into the contest, Snap takes Rudy to a concert where he loses his Jill-o-lantern.
Chipfools.jpg "Chip of Fools" October 30, 2003
When researching ChalkZone, Rudy and Penny take samples of a chocolate chip cookie tree to examine, but Snap "eats" them before they can and then has a nightmare about it.
Title-Irresistible.png "Irresistible" October 30, 2003
Snap gets a new cologne and becomes "Irresistible".
"Chalk Queen" November 2, 2003
Penny is working on her Biology report and asks Rudy to do some illustrations for her. When he fails to do them for her and leaves to save ChalkZone, Skrawl offers her a chance for revenge.
Cleosecret.jpg "Cleo's Secret" November 2, 2003
While on a school field trip to the art museum, Rudy and Penny take a trip to ChalkZone to uncover the secrets of Cleopatra and win the Archaeology Gee-Wiz Award.

Closing songs

Ep. # Song title
7 "I'm Back and Bluer Than Ever"
8 "Making Faces"
9 "Puttin on the Dog"
10 "There You Are"
11 "Oh My My"
12 "All the Way to the Top"
13 "Please Let Me In"
14 "Chunky"