The following is a list of episodes in the third season of ChalkZone, listed in production order. At sixteen episodes, it is the show's longest season.

For unknown reasons, episode 21 has never actually aired on TV in the United States; it was scheduled to premiere on June 4, 2004, but a rerun of a different episode appeared in its place.[1]

Episode 27 was held over and not aired until June 2005, during the show's fourth season.


# Image Title Original air date
15 Letdraw.jpg "Draw and Let Draw" February 2, 2004
Rudy decides to fix other kids' drawings to prevent them causing trouble when they're erased into ChalkZone, but it backfires as the drawings are not what Rudy assumed them to be.
Wilter.jpg "The Towering Wilter" February 2, 2004
After getting an F on a test, Rudy goes into ChalkZone to find a piece of writing that shows their teacher, Mr. Wilter, told his class to study the wrong chapter.
Sheebah.jpg "Snapsheebah" February 2, 2004
16 Title-Taffy.png "Taffy" February 3, 2004
A big taffy glacier is heading towards ChalkZone city and Rudy must stop it. Unfortunately, the glacier is not normal taffy.
Title-FollowBouncingBag.png "Follow the Bouncing Bag" February 3, 2004
Vinny is back and is trying to get into ChalkZone once again.
Nightynote.jpg "Nighty Note" February 3, 2004
Snap can't sleep due to the racket caused by his upstairs neighbors.
17 Lostinchalk.jpg "Lost In Chalk" February 4, 2004
Rudy and Penny get lost in ChalkZone, and they must find a way to get back to the real-world before Rudy and his dad participate in a competition.
Asleepchalk.jpg "Asleep at the Chalk" February 4, 2004
Rudy doesn't want to sleep, so he explores the nightlife in ChalkZone. Unfortunately, his sleepiness causes a catastrophe.
Beatemeatem.jpg "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em" February 4, 2004
Snap has an issue when his food starts talking.
18 Waterwater.jpg "Water Water Everywhere" February 5, 2004
Rudy tries to enter ChalkZone but accidentally opens a portal under the Wait 'N Sea causing chalk water to gush out into the real world. Worse still, the water seems to have a fountain of youth effect on adults.
Title-RVHavingFunYet (ChalkZone).jpg "RV Having Fun Yet?" February 5, 2004
Snap encounters an RV that constantly annoys him with his singing.
Doofi.jpg "The Doofi" February 5, 2004
Reggie draws goofy versions of Rudy and Penny. When they get erased into ChalkZone, they cause problems for its citizens.
19 Ttyd.jpg "That Thing You Drew" February 6, 2004
Rudy tries to invite a cartoonist to his school for a presentation.
Sinkingfeeling.jpg "That Sinking Feeling" February 6, 2004
When Reggie steals Rudy's magic chalk, he accidentally gets his foot stuck inside a portal to ChalkZone.
Insectaside.jpg "Insect Aside" February 6, 2004
20 Letstwister.jpg "Let's Twister Again" March 12, 2004
ChalkZone has weather problems when a kid keeps drawing twisters and erasing them.
Goldenworms.jpg "Legend of the Golden Worms" March 12, 2004
On an exploration to ChalkZone Rudy and Snap encounter a tyrant king who demands Rudy tell him an interesting story, or he'll feed Snap to a hungry spine-eating dog.
Beanieboys.jpg "Beanie Boys to Men" March 12, 2004
Snap and SpyFly get a peek into what Skrawl is up to on Snap's TV show.
21 Indecentexposure.jpg "Indecent Exposure" 2013 (Amazon Video and iTunes)
Local reporter Terry Bouffant has figured out the existence of ChalkZone and is planning to reveal it to the world.
Chalkwedding.jpg "My Big Fat Chalk Wedding" 2013 (Amazon Video and iTunes)
Rudy has an issue with a chalk character who wants to marry him.
Rapapresent.jpg "Rap-A-Present" 2013 (Amazon Video and iTunes)
Snap tries to find a present to give to Queen Rapsheeba, but it's not easy when the flowers, chocolates and cards in ChalkZone are alive and have quirks of their own.
"Double Trouble" April 23, 2004
Skrawl has teamed up with Craniac 4 to try and destroy Rudy and the Magic Chalk Mine once and for all.
23 Mothertounge.jpg "Mother Tongue" June 3, 2004
Rudy and the gang encounter Mother Tongue, who causes people to speak gibberish. Unfortunately, this happens just as Penny has an important speech.
Eyeballistic.jpg "Going Eyeballistic" June 3, 2004
Snap and Rudy stumble into an eyeball bush during germination season, and the eyeballs wouldn't let them go until they bring the seeds to a new location so the plant can reproduce.
Toefu.jpg "The Ballad of Toe Fu" June 3, 2004
Snap sings a campfire song of legendary pacifist character Toe Fu.
24 Title-SkrawlsBrain.png "Skrawl's Brain" June 9, 2004
Skrawl builds a giant brain shaped robot to take over ChalkZone, but when it goes AWOL Skrawl must team up with Rudy to defeat it.
Bigloo.jpg "The Big Loo" June 9, 2004
Snap is abducted by a giant toilet in the sewers who wants Snap to sing for him.
Ducksnap.jpg "Duck Snap Duck" June 9, 2004
Snap tries to help a one-legged duck win a race.
25 The Smudges Title Card.jpeg "The Smudges" October 7, 2004
Queen Rapsheeba's new house is haunted by smudges, beings that are formed when characters are only partially erased on blackboards.
Tinypirate.jpg "Tiny Pirate Problem" October 7, 2004
Rudy, Snap, and Penny must help a cruise ship captain with a "tiny pirate problem". Turns out the captain means it literally and the pirates are tiny sized, but still dangerous.
Werefrog.jpg "Curse of the Werefrog" October 7, 2004
Snap is cursed into a werefrog, and he'll change form every time there's a full moon.
26 Title-HowdyRudy.jpg "Howdy Rudy" November 8, 2004
Rudy draws a chalk puppet after Reggie's dog destroys his old one and against his judgement decides to make it alive.
Rudosaurus.jpg "Attack of the Rudosaurus" November 8, 2004
Rudy sneaks into Dinomite Park by drawing a giant dinosaur in ChalkZone and bringing it into the real world.
Talentsearch.jpg "The Really Big Talent Search" November 8, 2004
Snap tries to find someone to play the role of the giant for his superhero movie.
27 Purplehaze.jpg "Purple Haze" June 6, 2005
A comic book artist creates a Haze that will destroy anything that gets erased into ChalkZone.
Nplh.jpg "No Place Like Home" June 6, 2005
All of ChalkZone is abducted by aliens and Rudy & Penny must save them.
Disasterpark.jpg "Disaster Park" June 6, 2005
Blocky and Snap's pet moustache get trapped in a dangerous theme park.
"When Santas Collide" December 9, 2004
When Rudy thinks he isn't getting what he wanted for Christmas during an argument with his parents, he storms off to his room and goes into ChalkZone and watches how the Zoners celebrate the winter holiday, learning the spirit of the season in the process, until he accidentally endangers Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan/Deepavali/Kwanzaa there. Will he save the holidays before its too late?
"The Big Blow Up" August 6, 2004
Rudy releases an ancient ChalkZone disease that makes anyone made out of chalk blow up within hour's infection.

Closing songs

Ep. # Song title
15 "Flashlight"
16 "Dream a Lotta Dreams"
17 "Scat"
18 "Lollypoppian Rhapsody"
19 N/A
20 "Good to Go"
21 "Greetings from Greenland"
22 "Midnight Train"
23 "Golden Thumb"
24 "The Happiest Song in the World"
25 "Magic Carpet Ride"
26 "Livin' It Up"
27 "I Need a Song"
28 N/A


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