This article is about the Making Fiends character. For Angelica Pickles' mother, see Charlotte Pickles.

Charlotte is one of the main characters on Making Fiends. She is voiced by the show's creator, Amy Winfrey.


Charlotte's personality is absolutely cheerful and optimistic. She sees no evil in things and only sees happiness and love in pretty much everything. In her eyes, Vendetta is her best friend; completely unaware that she hates her and that Clamburg is a wonderful place.

On her first day at the school, she is fascinated by Vendetta, a green girl who Charlotte thinks is "nice" and has a "pretty name".[3]Charlotte believes she and Vendetta are best friends and does not realize that Vendetta hates her and tries to "destroy" her with fiends; monsters only Vendetta can make, which are the reason why everyone is afraid of her. Vendetta usually makes fiends to destroy Charlotte, but somehow Charlotte always finds a way to make the fiend friendly or do useful things. Charlotte is going to have to try harder to bring cheer and happiness back to Clamburg.

Charlotte attends Mu Elementary School in classroom four with Mr. Milk teaching.She sits next to Marion, a nervous light blue girl. Charlotte's personality antagonizes Vendetta, and has even shown to be a danger to Clamburg in general in a few occasions.Many scenes of her innocent antics are designed to provoke sympathy for anyone who is involved in the occasions, many times driving the victim to be horribly frightened.

Charlotte has a pet hamster named Buttons and a scissors fiend named Buttons 2.Charlotte's grandmother Charlene is just like her, only older. They are both always happy and see everything as friendly.


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