Charlotte Page is a main character in Henry Danger. She is a very clever girl who's best friends with Jasper Dunlop and Henry Hart, and is also Henry’s and Jasper’s co-worker at Junk-N-Stuff/the Man Cave, under Ray/Captain Man's management.

She's portrayed by Riele Downs.


Charlotte has dark, shoulder-length curly hair. Her style consists of mixing designs and patterns and she often pairs tops with mini skirts or jeans. She sometimes accessorizes with denim jackets and can usually be seen wearing boots or heels.


Charlotte can be described as smart, sassy, and independent. She is level-headed and down-to-earth. She typically acts as the voice of reason, as she is always there to snap everyone back to reality. She is kind hearted, a quick thinker, and cares a lot about her friends and family.

Powers and Abilities

  • Marksmanship : In "Danger and Thunder" Charlotte has proved she can shoot with precision when she uses the rifle with man grenade to fire at the block in which Captain Man is stuck.
  • High level intellect : Charlotte possesses a high-level intellect and above-average mental faculties. She often finds solutions in numerous situations
  • Skilled detective In The Secret Gets Out She can be excellent at investigation By finding the shark of smartphones. She was also capable of planning the next movements of the burglar in Let's Make a Steal.
  • Super Strength (Temporarily): Dr. Minyak gave her super-strength in The Beat Goes On. However, she lost it due to Schwoz freezing her, thawing it out entirely.
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