Chase is a character in the Nick Jr. series PAW Patrol. As of season four, he has been voiced by two Canadian actors and debuted in the show's first episode, "Pups Make a Splash."


Chase has brown eyes and a brown coat. His standard PAW Patrol uniform consists of a blue police cap, a blue jacket with a black collar, and a "pup pack" with lights on its sides.


Chase is a German Shepherd and the PAW Patrol's police dog/spy. He is the most serious member of the team and was the first to join. Chase is very committed to his job and tends to speak to his leader Ryder in a professional tone, referring to him as "sir". While he strives to maintain a businesslike tone, even Chase cannot keep a straight face after comical Rubble cracks a joke.

Chase often needs to use his sense of smell when on missions, but ironically, he has several allergies. He is prone to excessive sneezing when around feathers and cats.


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