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Chester McBadbat is a character from The Fairly OddParents. He is a lower-middle class boy and one of Timmy Turner's best friends. As his last name suggests, he and his father Bucky McBadbat are terrible at baseball. He lives in a trailer park near A.J.'s mansion.

Chester temporarily had fairy godparents of his own after coming into possession of Norm the Genie's lava lamp. Norm was able to trick Cosmo and Wanda into quitting and through sabotage, won the Fairy Idol contest that Jorgen Von Strangle used to select their replacement.

Chester used Norm's magic to try and make "a better world", which resulted in several catastrophes. After discovering how Norm had tricked Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda, he used his final wish from when Norm was just a genie to undo all of his terrible wishes.


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